Souriau is a market leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of interconnect solutions for harsh environments. As of December 2020 it became part of Eaton, a global power management company, joining it’s Aerospace group.

With a manufacturing centre in France, Souriau’s expertise extends across a range of technologies encompassing high current transmission, high speed signalling, Fiber optics and hermetic applications.

Souriau’s connectors withstand the toughest of environments. They are designed to perform in extremes of temperature, high levels of shock and vibration, salt spray atmospheres, and applications demanding high levels of protection against dust and water ingress, including immersion in several metres of water.

Aerco works in partnership with Souriau to deliver their interconnect solutions into key industries, notably rail transportation, military and industrial.



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Rail transportation connectors

A comprehensive product range meeting the demands of signalling equipment, rolling stock, and rail infrastructure.

Connectors are fully compliant with railway safety standard NFF61-030 for low smoke and fire certification and are RoHS compliant and EN45545-2 approved.

Using fiber optic and ethernet links, connectors meet the demand for high speed data transmission, with the VGE1 quadrax version being capable of 1gps.

Military connectors

Souriau’s capabilities extend across the range of military applications, meeting the requirement for ultra reliability in extremes of temperature, pressure, shock and vibration, and water ingress.

High speed data transmission up to 10Gbit is achieved with the 8D Elio fiber optic range. Glass to metal seal technology provides hermetic connectors which supersede the performance of watertight connectors. For soldier worn applications, the MicroD38999 is ideal for saving weight and meeting space limitations.

All military specifications are supported, including Mil-DTL-38999 I, II, III, Mil-DTL-26482, Mil-DTL-83723, and Mil-C-5015

With environmental concerns at the forefront, RoHS and REACH compliant plating finishes such as zinc nickel are available which facilitate the transition from toxic substances such as cadmium.

Industrial connectors

Trim Trio® is a family of connectors comprising the UTO, UTS, UTG, and the latest UTGX ranges of connectors. It utilises a common contact system ,allowing users total flexibility in upgrading their systems and enabling them to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.

With plastic, metal, and metal-plastic combinations, versions are available with IP69K sealing, 500 mating cycles, 360 degrees EMI/RFI shielding, and 105˚C temperature performance.

Their versatility enables their use across a wide range of applications, from instrumentation and measurement to mining, agriculture, roadside and renewable energy.

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Plug, Male crimp cnts
Manufacturer's Part Number: D38999/26FC4PA
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Plug, Feml crimp cnts
Manufacturer's Part Number: D38999/26FF32SN
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Plug, Feml crimp cnts
Manufacturer's Part Number: D38999/26FE35SC
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Plug, Feml crimp cnts
Manufacturer's Part Number: D38999/26FJ35SN
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ELIO Connector, square flange receptacle
Manufacturer's Part Number: 8D0E11Z02BN674
Stock Availability: Call for Availability
Picture of 8D5E11Z02AN


ELIO Connector, 2 cavity, N pos. Aluminium, black zinc nickel plating
Manufacturer's Part Number: 8D5E11Z02AN
Stock Availability: Call for Availability