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AlphaWire’s new ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire
31/07/2017 11:00:14 NewsAlphaWire News

AlphaWire’s new ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire delivers outstanding high temperature performance in an ultra-thin package

Now Available at Aerco

ECA Fluoropolymer insulation; exceptionally wide temperature range; suits oil and gas, chemical, medical, military and other applications

Exceptionally thin and lightweight, Alpha Wire’s new ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire offers outstanding performance for a wide range of demanding applications and environments. ThermoThin is now available from Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets. ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire delivers 600V performance across an exceptionally wide temperature range of -150degC to +300degC, and is well suited for applications where premium performance must be matched with space and weight savings. Strategic industries for ThermoThin include medical devices, semiconductor production, geothermal energy generation, energy production, military equipment and the oil and gas industry.  For military use, ThermoThin is suitable for applications where MIL-W-16878/4/5/6 type wires have been specified, but where a Mil Spec rating is not actually required.

ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire features ECA fluoropolymer insulation, a new material that combines the beneficial properties of perfluoroplastics while maintaining operational performance under extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. ECA has excellent dielectric properties making ThermoThin resilient, as well as ultra-thin and light weight.  ThermoThin has similar characteristics to PTFE hookup wire but in a thinner and therefore far lighter form, saving space and weight. ThermoThin also boasts outstanding UV, chemical and water resistance, while its abrasion resistance is comparable to PTFE.  One stark difference between PTFE and the ECA material is ThermoThin’s ability to run longer continuous lengths. 1000 feet of PTFE typically consists of three separate pieces while ThermoThin can run for 5000 continuous feet.

ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire features nickel-plated copper conductor wire in sizes 36 to 16 AWG. In sizes 30 AWG to16 AWG it is approved to UL AWM 11540, UL 80degC Oil, UL Gas Res, horizontal flame and CE approved.  36 – 32 AWG sizes are CE approved.  It has Reach approval and is RoHS compliant. ThermoThin Hook-Up Wire is available in black, white, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown, violet, and slate with additional colours available on request and is in stock now at Aerco.    

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New Alpha Wire Micro Coaxial cable makes routing in medical and imaging devices easier
31/07/2017 09:48:14 News

New space-saving Alpha Wire Micro Coaxial cable

Makes routing in medical and imaging devices easier – now at Aerco

Stable signal integrity and low capacitance; 50 AWG to 32AWG; rated to over 200degC    

Alpha Wire has introduced a new Micro Coaxial Cable so fine and light it can pass through the eye of a needle, making it ideal for a wide range of applications where space is at a premium. The micro coax cable is especially suitable for in-the-box medical devices such as medical probes, endoscopy systems and oximetry systems. Alpha Wire’s micro coax cable is now available from Aerco, the distributor of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets. 

Alpha Wire Micro Coax Cable is available in a full range of standard sizes from 50 AWG to 32 AWG and features stranded conductors made from high strength silver-plated or silver copper alloys for increased flexibility.  To cope with demanding environments, Micro Coaxial Cable is insulated with a white PFA dielectric jacket, which provides excellent signal integrity, low capacitance and consistent controlled impedance (50Ω characteristic impedance). Micro Coaxial Cable's shielding is silver-plated or tinned copper alloy spiral braid with a minimum of 90% shield coverage for excellent EMI protection. Micro Coaxial Cable has a voltage rating of 30Vrms. Alpha Wire Micro Coaxial Cable is available now in 100m spools, and samples are available.AlphaWire Micro Coax cable from Aerco

Message or phone Nicola on +44(0)1403 260206 and find out how she can help.

Oxley STR502 NVIS compatible indicators now at Aerco
09/06/2017 10:27:21 News

The Oxley STR502 range of NVIS compatible, 8mm, rear-mount LED indicators is now available from Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets.

Designed to meet the growing customer demand for high-specification, rear mounted panel lamps, the STR502 range is protected to IP68 and has been designed with a configuration option to meet the MIL-STD-3009 NVIS (Night Vision Imaging System) standard. Rugged and highly reliable, the range is ideal for the most challenging of environments as found in the military, aerospace and telecommunications markets.

Variations include a bi-colour option (2STR502), a sunlight viewable solution and an NVG (Night Vision Goggles) version. The lamps have a small and compact aluminium case with a black nickel or chromate finish and are supplied in a range of eight high-intensity standard colours and eight NVG colours.  Viewing angles of 30°, 60° or 100° are offered.

System flexibility is provided by a wide variety of configurations to suit the required application and to aid servicing it is possible to remove the lamp from the chassis without removing the terminations.

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