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New range of DC equipment fans from Jamicon
04/02/2016 12:17:41 News

Jamicon DC FanNew from Aerco are the KF and JF ranges of highly cost-effective, DC equipment fans from Jamicon. Providing exceptional airflow performance and low power consumption, these new fans will find applications in telecommunication, medical and industrial equipment, computer servers and storage devices, thermo electric devices, heat pumps, food-packaging machinery and inverters for solar energy and wind power generators.

A wide range of models is available in frame sizes of 40, 50, 80, 90 and 120 mm in either 12 or 24VDC.  There is also a 48VDC version that is ideal for power generators. 

Airflow starts at 6.11 litres/sec (13CFM) up to 77.5 litres/sec (165CFM), third wire control signals are available and high quality ball or sleeve bearing systems ensure a life span for all models of 70,000hrs.  Models with ingress protection to IP55 are available on request.  

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(AE 650)
Aerco stocks DT connector range from TE Connectivity
01/02/2016 12:39:56 News

Aerco is now holding stock of the high-performance range of DT connectors from TE Connectivity.

Rugged, easy to use and available at a relatively low price, the DT series is ideal for use in the toughest of environments as found in construction equipment, marine equipment and off-road and heavy goods vehicles.  They are particularly suitable for the rail industry and this will be a key target market for Aerco. 

Tough thermoplastic shells and silicone seals allow the connectors to withstand moisture ingress and extremes of temperature ranging from -55 to +125°C.  Secure locking is achieved through a latching clip designed to make mating and un-mating quick and easy and the highly tactile design and audible coupling feedback mean that it is particularly suited for cable-to-cable applications.

Size 16 contacts handle power up to 13A while accepting wires from 14-20AWG that allows signal level communication in very harsh conditions.  No special tools are required for contact insertion and the contacts are locked in position by dielectric fingers moulded as part of the housing.  Secondary locking wedges ensure excellent contact retention and performance under high vibration.

Aerco connector product manager, Alec Sluce, said: “Holding stock at Aerco means we are in a position to supply these demanding markets with the service they require, namely quick deliveries and a high level of support from a UK source”.

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Ref: AE640

Hypertac REP connectors available from Aerco
01/02/2016 12:39:36 NewsHypertac News

The Hypertac REP connector series, a multi-pole, sealed, rectangular, plastic connector that provides quick and easy connection, is now available from Aerco.

This high performance connector uses well-proven Hypertac® Hyperboloid contact technology that guarantees excellent reliability even under high levels of shock and vibration and is ideal for many electronic applications in the railroad, industrial equipment, test and measurement, automotive and defence industries.

The REP connector conforms to UL94VO fire smoke standards and is made of polycarbonate with a silicone backshell.  It is protected to IP66 and available in 2, 6 and 12-way formats and allows up to 500 mating cycles.  Rated up to 13A, the series offers a significant savings in terms of inventory and maintenance because one size of contact caters for cables from 0.50mm²  to 2.5mm² (24-12AWG).

No special tools are required for assembly, connection is simple with push to mate, press and release to unmate and the series is available in cable to cable, clips and front and back panel mount configurations.  Pre-wired version can also be supplied to customers’ specifications.

AE486 2/6/2011