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The Fibox Protection Window

23 Apr 2024

Introducing the new Protection Window with double bit locks from Fibox, your premier enclosing solutions provider. Designed for optimal security and safety, the new PW series features a low-profile, continuous hinge design coupled with sleek, integrated quarter-turn locks. These enhancements ensure limited access only where it's most crucial, safeguarding your sensitive components.

The Fibox PW series stands out with the deepest working area and the largest viewing space currently on the market, ensuring ease of monitoring without compromising on security. Importantly, this series is versatile, compatible with any existing enclosure in the Fibox range, making integration seamless and straightforward.

Installation is straightforward, offering a secure Human-Machine Interface (HMI) access point on any enclosure or flat surface. It boasts high ingress and impact protection ratings of IP66 and IK09, respectively, and is robust enough to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40° to +120°C. This resilience makes the PW series ideal for even the most challenging environmental conditions.

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Fibox Protection Window


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