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Keeping production lines moving

16 Apr 2024

Xtra-Guard Continuous Flex-rated Industrial Ethernet cable from Alpha Wire is engineered for demanding network applications in industrial settings. It's the go-to solution for modern factories, where Ethernet is essential for connecting automation systems and transmitting crucial field data reliably. Designed to withstand high flex, torsion, and constant movement, these cables boast a robust construction with a TPE jacket material and HDPE insulation. They meet UL 2556 7.10 standards for abrasion resistance, making them resistant to flames, fuels, solvents, and chemicals, with an impressive operating temperature range of -40°C to 80°C.

With a minimum rating of 10 million continuous flex cycles and 3 million torsional flex cycles, these cables offer superior flexibility. They are ideal for various manufacturing and robotics applications, including pick-and-place, cartesian/gantry, SCARA (selective compliance assembly room arm), Delta/Parallel, and machine tools. Additionally, they excel in motion control tasks such as high-speed vision systems, encoder/resolver applications, case formers, case packers, conveying systems, and vacuum packaging.

Part of the Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet Cable range, these cables come with options for Cat 5e Ethernet, including unshielded, foil/braid, and Cat 6A foil/braid configurations providing exceptional performance and reliability in the most extreme environments.

Speak to Aerco to find the most suitable Alpha Wire product for your production lines.

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