Amokabel manufactures Brand-Rex High Performance Cable and wire for harsh environments, able to withstand extreme conditions like high temperatures, flame, and chemicals. Whether you need PTFE wires and ETFE thermocouple cables for critical temperature sensing, flame retardant cables for mass transit applications, single core wire, multiconductor copper and fibre optic cables for energy, industrial and defence systems, Amokabel Special Cables products will suit.

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A world leader in highly specialized market of high-temperature wiring solutions for the automotive industry Amokabel commitment to ISO/TS 16949 standard related to brake system and oxygen sensor manufacture protects drivers against defects and component variations, ensuring safety and reliability throughout our production line.

Defence & Marine

As an approved supplier of copper and fibre optic cables for military and marine applications, Amokabel Brand-Rex offer complex cables and hybrid constructions with high performance insulating and outer materials optimised for military systems and infrastructure.

Download the Defence and Military brochure PDF Amokabel Defence and Military

Energy and Industrial

Amokabel Special Cables Brand-Rex speciality cables are built to withstand severe temperatures, pressure, and environmental extremes, including exposure to chemicals, rodents, and fire. Amokabel products are ideal for the harshest industrial applications, such as offshore rigs, cranes, and explosion hazards.


The aerospace sector has relied on Amokabel Special Cables Brand-Rex cabling options for over 50 years. Amokabel Special Cables being AS9100:2016 and ISO9001:2015 approved manufacturer, we’re the perfect partner to supply mission-critical cabling that complies with the safety and performance criteria specified by this global standard.

Rail and Mass Transit

 London underground and the Channel Tunnel use Amokabel Brand-Rex comprehensive range of flame retardant trackside cabling products to meet their demanding specifications. Since London Underground cable performance approvals are considered to be the industry’s most stringent for smoke and fire exposures, you can trust Amokabelfor your mass transit infrastructure needs.

Harsh Environment Data Cables

Cost-effective and deployable in any industrial application, Amokabel Special Cables market-leading optical fibre and copper data cables are ideal for a diverse range of systems, with standard and customized solutions available to meet your current and future network demands for demanding industrial environments.

Amokabel Cable

PTFE Wire to BS 3G210:

  • High levels of thermal and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to acid, alkalis, solvents, hydraulic fluid, fuels, oils, lubricants
  • Resistant to solder iron damage
  • Non-flammable and highly flexible

Def Stan 61-12 Part 33/001:

  • Aircraft Wiring
  • Insulation Crosslinked ETFE, single or dual layer
  • Stranded Tin, Silver or Nickel Plated conductor
  • Crosslinked ETFE Jacket, White
  • 600 VAC
  • 135°C or 150°C

Xtreme 100/C Cable:

  • Tinned Annealed Copper conductor
  • Extruded PTFE insulation
  • PUR Jacket, Black
  • -40°C ro +100°C
  • 600 VAC
  • Flame Retardent to IEC 60332-1

Xtreme 105/CV Cable:

  • Stranded Tin Annealed Copper conductor
  • Dual Layer insulation
  • Braid as required
  • -50°C ro +105°C
  • 600 VAC

Thermocouple Cable, PTFE Class 1:

  • Dumbbell, Round, Figure8 and Twisted Pair profiles
  • BS1843 and IEC 60584-3 colour schemes
  • Max temperature +260°C fixed installation
  • Extruded PTFE Insulation
  • Made in UK
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