ADDA manufacture a wide range of fans, blowers and accessories. Their range covers axial flow fans, tangential and centrifugal blowers, chip coolers, laptop fans, CPU cooling products and fan accessories. All ADDA fans are designed to meet UL CSA TUV CE and CUL requirements. Their commitment to product, people and technological innovation is advancing their quest for superior products and services in order to deliver the quality you require.


ADDA is a leader in the electronics thermal management field, diligently servicing their markets worldwide. Founded in 1978 ADDA has developed a broad range of products designed to extend the life of electronic components primarily used for the information technology industry. ADDA develop and manufacture on two continents and intend to expand their manufacturing further.

For thermal solution systems, ADDA is recognised as a thermal management expert. ADDA's wide range of products included CPU cooler modules, blower fans, DC axial-flow/blower fans and AC axial-flow fans. featuring award-winning design, ADDA products meet your rigorous requirements, and are easily modified for varying applications and specifications.

If you are looking for AC or DC fans, ADDA are a great choice for you project. For more info or to place an order please get in touch.

Adda AC Fans
Adda AC Fans Catalogue

Adda AC Fans

Adda AC fans are available in 115 volt and 230 volt, in frame sizes of 80 x 80 x 25 mm, 80 x 80 x 38 mm, 92 x 92 x 25 mm, 120 x 120 x 25mm, 120 x 120 x 38mm, 172 x 150 x 50 mm and in various speeds, performances and noise levels within these ranges. Adda AC fans, available in stock at Aerco, feature powerful CFM with higher torque, optimized blade design for better performance, long life with patented Hypro bearing and a full range of different dimensions. Other variants of these are either flying lead or pin contact terminations and three different bearing constructions – ball bearing, sleeve bearing and also in the Adda patented long life hypro bearing. Adda reliability in both quality and delivery make the Addad AC fans ideal for high quality commercial applications. One of the many series that are available from stock at Aerco, are the Adda standard cabinet fans in AC voltage.

Adda DC Fans

Adda DC fans offer the most comprehensive range of frame sizes, speeds, voltages and function signals. DC fans are also available in sleeve, ball and long life hypro bearing constructions thus offering the design engineer a versatile solution for the most applications. Ranging from 15x15x6mm to 172x150x50mm, with 5V/ 12V/ 24V/ 48V, the Adda DC fans features higher airflow, static pressure and torque, reduction for noise and power consumption, patented Hypro bearing for longer life and additional output functions are available. The DC range of fans can be used for PC, communication industry and other applications.
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Fan 92x92x20mm 24V Ball + speed sensor
Manufacturer's Part Number: AD0924HB-C73
Our sku: AD0924HB-C73-ADDA-B
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Fan 92x92x20mm 24V Ball + speed sensor
Manufacturer's Part Number: AD0924HB-C73
Our sku: AD0924HB-C73-ADDA-D
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Fan 35x35x10mm 5V Hypro speed sensor
Manufacturer's Part Number: AD3505LX-G53
Our sku: AD3505LX-G53-ADDA-B
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Fan 35x35x6mm 5V Hypro speed sensor
Manufacturer's Part Number: AD3505LX-K73
Our sku: AD3505LX-K73-ADDA-B
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Fan 35x35x10mm 12V Ball Speed Sensor
Manufacturer's Part Number: AD3512HB-G53
Our sku: AD3512HB-G53-ADDA-B
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Fan 45x45x6mm 5V Hypro Speed sensor
Manufacturer's Part Number: AD4505LX-K96(T1)
Our sku: AD4505LX-K96(T1)-ADDA-B
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Fan 60x60x25mm 5V Ball Speed Sensor
Manufacturer's Part Number: AD0605HB-A73GL
Our sku: AD0605HB-A73GL-ADDA-B
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