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Delta QFR - as Green as it is Cool
25/07/2014 10:25:14 Delta NewsNews

The Delta QFR, known as the ‘green fan’, is stocked by Aerco to meet the increasing demand from customers designing modern telecommunication equipment, servers, computers and PCs for a highly efficient but effective cooling fan with low power consumption and operating costs.

The innovative, highly efficient dual blade design of the QFR range avoids airflow separation and creates plenty of cooling air with the 120x120x38mm fan producing 81.7 litres/sec (173.83 CFM) at 5000 rev/min.  Power consumption is only 16W that is significantly less than conventional fans of this size.  Operating noise levels are also reduced.

Available in 120, 92 and 80mm frame sizes and with a life exceeding 70.000 hours, measured with L10 at 40°C, the QFR series is RoHS.  Waterproof versions are also available.

Hi-temp surface-mount test points from Aerco
24/07/2014 09:30:51 NewsOxley News

Aerco stocks and supplies on quick delivery the Oxley SMOX, a unique high temperature PCB test terminal that provides accurate line tests during PCB assembly.
SMOX is designed specifically to be used with ROHS compliant lead-free solders such as 96S (re-flow at 220°C) and is supplied loose or on tape and reel for ease of assembly.  Its unique retention mechanism enhances reliability through low stress contact.
The SMOX connection system is the only surface-mount ball and socket test point available on the market and has a specially designed socket for easy low contact resistance and gentle detachment.
Requiring a minimum pad size of only 2mm and being a single pole device, SMOX can be placed accurately by hand or any pick and place machine even when space is restricted.



BS approved relays in stock at Aerco
11/07/2014 10:38:08 NewsBarnbrook Systems News

Aerco is the sole UK stockist of a wide range of BS approved, BS9151 hermetically sealed relays and bases manufactured under the design authority of Barnbrook Systems.  Aerco’s considerable investment and commitment to a large stockholding means that these high performance relays, designed primarily for the military and aerospace markets, are available on very short lead times.

Available in many different termination and contact arrangements, BS9151 relays provide excellent reliability and are suitable for the most demanding applications and environments including: military and civil aviation, navigation control and engine management systems.

Ref: AE 914 26/02/2014