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Reliable Connection in Transit
27/02/2015 10:23:10 News

Aerco stocks a wide range of products for the transportation industry including LED lighting and filters for military vehicles from Oxley, power connectors for hybrid vehicles from Hypertac and a range of Honeywell limit switches and premium basic switches used in all types of mass-transit, agricultural and industrial vehicles. 

The company also supplies a wide range of products from world-class suppliers designed specifically for the rail industry that include: cable and wire, circuit breakers, connectors, equipment fans, lighting products, relays, sensors, solenoids and switches suitable for use in vehicles, rolling stock, trackside equipment, signalling and communication and information systems.

Assured interconnect

Serving principal manufacturers, subcontractors and maintenance and repair operators, a large proportion of Aerco’s work in the rail and mass-transit markets is in the field of interconnect.  As train speeds increase, connectors are subjected to severe stress, vibration, shock and corrosion and the application calls for connectors such as the Mil-C 5015 reverse bayonet, positive-lock connectors like the ABCIRH, ABCIRP and ABMP ranges from AB Connectors, now universally accepted in the industry and IRIS, NFF 61030 and LUL approved.   These connectors accommodate the full range of power and signalling requirements for rolling stock, signalling and trackside infrastructure.  In addition, the introduction of Quadrax, co-ax, twinax and tri-ax contacts means they now provide for high speed Ethernet and data transmission for speeds of up to 1000 BASE-T on Cat 5e.

Connectors for in-train communication, entertainment and information systems have to be small and light and modern plastic shells are often used. Aerco supplies the Hypertac REP range of small rectangular plastic connectors that ensure quick and secure connection and comply with key rail approvals NFF16-101/2 for low smoke and fire hazard and EN61-373 for vibration resistance.  M12 connectors are also used and Aerco provides the Provertha range of Profinet and Ethernet connectors that provide 360° EMI/RFI shielding, IP67 protection and fault-free data transmission.

Aerco also supplies design support and prototyping services, a component sourcing and obsolescence service and has years of experience in supplying vendor reduction programmes.

As a Link-Up approved supplier, Aerco makes an on-going commitment to the rail and mass transit industry that is demanding but represents a growing, vibrant market where the willingness to invest can be highly rewarding.

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ADDA brushless DC fan ideal for office environment
12/02/2015 15:34:15 News

ADDA DC Fan AD6025

Available exclusively in the UK from Aerco, the ADDA AD6025 is a brushless DC axial fan built in a 60 x 60 x 25mm frame size that is ideal for all types of office equipment and similar products.

The AD6025 is supplied in both 12 and 24VDC supply voltage and in a number of different versions with speeds ranging from 2,000 to 6,600 rev/min and airflow from 4.69 litre/sec (9.98CFM) to 16.31litre/sec (34.7CFM) thus this highly versatile fan provides a wide degree of design flexibility.

Offering a choice of sleeve, hypro or precision ball-bearing system with a well-proven all-plastic frame and impeller the AD6025 provides a powerful, reliable and long-life fan with an operating noise level, as low as 12.4 dB/A, that makes it ideal for application in photocopiers, general office equipment, coffee machines and food packaging equipment.

The fan can be supplied with a third wire to monitor fan speed and fan failure in intelligent cooling systems.

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Wide range of Mil-spec cable and wire in stock at Aerco
02/02/2015 10:16:48 News

Mil-spec wire and cable

As a stocking distributor Aerco holds an extensive stock of Mil-spec wire and cable to suit many applications in the military and aerospace industries.

Choosing from a wide range of world-class suppliers, the Aerco range conforms to the strictest standards set by Mil-DTL-16878 (Mil-W-16878), SAE-AS-22759 (Mil-DTL-22759), NEMA-WC-27500 (Mil-DTL-27500).

The Aerco Mil-spec range is supplied in varied colours and sizes and is ideal for tactical and communications equipment, command and control and intelligence information systems, advanced radar units, target acquisition and tracking systems, automated weapons control, IED and mine detection, high level detection equipment, ground combat vehicles and unmanned vehicles.

Also supplied is Mil-spec heat shrink tubing and Mil-spec hook-up wire that withstands wear and abrasion and is highly resistant to oil, solvents and chemicals.

AE 617

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