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Surplus Stock

Surplus Stock
The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

Product Listing

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FV876869Plug Male contact gold Solder HT(28-11P)£170.11
FV876870Plug Female cont. gold Solder HT(28-11S)£158.95
FV876882Gasket-Mounting SBMSE 730£0.00
FV876889Plug Female cont.Solder HT(10SL-3S-LBEF)£22.35
FV876894Plug Female cont.Solder HT (14S-5S-LBEF)£0.00
FV876901Plug Male contact Solder HT(16S-1P-LBEF)£25.95
FV892651Plug starter bulkhead mount light duty£0.00
FV892658Socket Fixed Heavy Duty Single Pole£0.00
FV892670Plug Fixed Heavy Duty Single Pole£30.38
FVS1/5Locking screw 4.40UNC Slotted hd(D hood)£0.15
FVS1/5-K1163Locking screw 4.40UNC Cross slit head(D)£0.15
FVS1/5-K1163M3Locking screw M3 Cross slit head (D ser)£0.15
FVS1/5M2.5Locking screw M2.5 Slotted head(D hoods)£0.18
FVS1/5M3Locking screw M3 Slotted head (D hoods)£0.15
FVS-6-38-4Coupling Nuts£2.33
FVS-6-38-6Nut Coupling£2.70
FVS-6-55-2Elbow 90 Deg Conduit Fitting£19.12
FVS-6-83-1Sealing cone£0.00
FW1201-G12Relay 26.5volt 675ohm 3amp DPDT£0.00
FW-12-04-L-D-520-120Connector, Board-To-Board£0.00
FWDF09PConnector Plug 9way W'proof Front mtg(D)£13.95
FWDF09P1Connector Plug 9way W'proof Front mtg(D)£0.00
FWDF09SConnector Socket 9w W/proof Front mtg(D)£14.54
FWDF25PConnector Plug 25way W/proof Front mtg£17.75
FWDF25SConnector Socket 25way W/proof Front mtg£19.02
FWDFM09SConnector Socket 9w W/proof Front mtg(D)£17.15
FWDFM25PConnector Plug 25way W/proof Front mtg£19.36
FWDFM25SConnector Socket 25way W/proof Front mtg£19.36
FWDR09PConnector Plug 9way W/proof Rear mtg (D)£11.38
FWDR09P1Connector Plug 9way W/proof Rear mtg (D)£15.34
FWDR09S1Connector Socket 9way W'proof Rear mtg D£15.93
FWDR09S25Connector Socket 9w W/proof rear mtg (D)£16.20
FWDR15PConnector plug 15way W/proof Rear mtg.(D£12.45
FWDR15S1Connector socket 15w W/proof Rear mtg.D£16.49
FWDR15S25Connector socket 15w W/proof Rear mtg.(D£20.28
FWDR25P25Connector plug 25way W/proof Rear mtg.(D£22.83
FWDR25SConnector socket 25w W/proof Rear mtg.(D£16.49
FWDR25S1Connector socket 25w W/proof Rear mtg.D£20.28
FWDR25S25Connector socket 25w W/proof Rear mtg.(D£26.63
FWDRM09P1Connector plug 9way W/proof Rear mtg.(D)£15.74
Showing 33601 - 33640 of 43749 Results Sort by
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