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Surplus Stock

Surplus Stock
The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

Product Listing

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FU17W2P7Connector plug pin 15way+2cavity D type£5.58
FU17W2S7Connector skt 15way+2cavity mixed D type£9.98
FU17W5P7-0970Connector plug pin 12way+5cavity D type£2.27
FU17W5S7-1050Connector skt 12way+5cavity mixed D type£1.83
FU21WA4S7-1050Connector socket 17way+4cavity D type£2.89
FU25P7-K120Connector plug 25way Crimp D series£13.20
FU50S7-K121Connector socket 50way Crimp D series£64.14
FU7W2S7-K121Connector socket 5way+2cavity D type£10.55
FUT13W3S7-K121Connector socket 10way+3cavity Crimp D£10.39
FV131143Plug fixed heavy duty bulkhead mount£0.00
FV131144Connector heavy duty socket 280A£33.44
FV2211262Databus coupler connector£0.00
FV39347Bulkhead mounted socket, low temp.£0.00
FV502501Receptacle Male contact Solder£0.00
FV562071Sealing cone£1.20
FV634266Plug socket SBMSE255(Alternator)£0.00
FV876601Receptacle Male cont.Solder HT (10SL-3P)£27.45
FV876602Receptacle Male cont.Solder HT (10SL-4P)£29.62
FV876605Receptacle Male cont.Solder HT (14S-5P)£29.76
FV876608Receptacle Female cont.sldr HT (14S-7S)£0.00
FV876619Receptacle Male cont.Solder HT (22-14P)£64.36
FV876639Plug Female contact Solder HT (10SL-3S)£37.41
FV876643Plug Male contact Solder HT (14S-5P)£49.28
FV876644Plug Female contact Solder HT (14S-5S)£51.89
FV876646Plug Female contact Solder HT (14S-7S)£28.80
FV876651Plug Male contact Solder HT (16S-1P)£67.10
FV876658Plug Female contact Solder HT(22-14S)£130.34
FV876677Grommet Multihole HTSB-10SL-3G (Grp X)£6.72
FV876678Grommet Multihole HTSB-10SL-4G (Grp X)£9.25
FV876679Grommet Multihole HTSB-14S-2G (Grp X)£4.81
FV876680Grommet Multihole HTSB-14S-5G (Grp X)£6.45
FV876681Grommet Multihole HTSB-14S-7G (Grp X)£6.62
FV876684Grommet Multihole HTSB-16S-1G (Grp X)£5.52
FV876685Grommet Multihole HTSB-18-1G (Grp X)£6.29
FV876687Grommet Multihole HTSB-22-14G (Grp X)£8.17
FV876693Grommet Multihole HTSB-28-11G (Grp X)£22.77
FV876816Receptacle Female cont.Sldr HT (18-1SGP)£57.69
FV876819Receptacle Male cont.Gld.Sldr.HT(22-14P)£74.23
FV876853Plug Male contact gold Solder HT(18-1P)£43.20
FV876854Plug Female cont. gold Solder HT(18-1S)£56.25
Showing 33561 - 33600 of 43749 Results Sort by
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