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Connectors, Binder Subminiature

Connectors, Binder Subminiature
A subminiature connector typically comprises a pressing screw, a clamping cage, a sealing ring, a coupling sleeve, a plug insert and a female insert.

Binder offers a variety of subminiature connectors which are available with or without strain relief. This category also comprises IP40 and IP67 snap-in connectors, bayonet connectors, IP67 push-pull circular connectors, micro push-pull subminiature connectors and IP40 M9 circular connectors. In addition, this product group also comprises protective caps for subminiature cable connectors, adapters for flange connectors and cable sockets.

Binder 420 Series Micro Push-Pull Connectors
Binder 620 Series Snap-In IP67 Connectors
Binder 702 Series M9 IP67 Connectors
Binder 709 Series Snap-In IP40 Connectors
Binder 710 Series Bayonet Connectors
Binder 711 Series M9 IP67 Connectors
Binder 712 Series M9 IP67 Connectors
Binder 719 Series Snap-In IP67 Connectors

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