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Cable 6c 28awg,screened black, PUR 4.5mm

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Product 06207UASS/BK42
Cable 6c 28awg,screened black, PUR 4.5mm

Short Description:

1 core 0.2mm2 (17/0.122) plain copper wire conductor, Purple polypropylene insulated to 1.1mm O/D, plus 6 cores 0.098mm2 (50/0.05) plain copper wire conductor, colour coded polypropylene insulated to 0.9mm O/D (Black, Blue, White, Green, Yellow, Red). Bunched and overall tinned copper wire brais screened, sheathed in dark grey Polyurethane. Surface printed in Black, legend CD5MM7X0. You have a control PCB so the O/D can be adjusted to suit as arranged.