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Supplier Quality Requirements



1. Scope

The following supplier quality requirements are applicable to Aerco Ltd Purchase Orders for products that Aerco Ltd resells under its AS9120 Stockist Approval.

These requirements apply only when this document is invoked on the Aerco Ltd Purchase Order and are in addition to any other release clauses identified on that Purchase Order.


2. Non Conforming Product

Supplier must have documented procedures for managing product/process deviation identification and documented procedures for non-conforming material identification, control, disposition, and disposal. Suppliers are not authorized to proceed with a product or process deviation and/or disposition non-conforming product to Aerco Ltd unless previously approved by the Aerco Ltd Quality Manager.

Acceptance of noncompliant products and services shall be at the sole discretion of Aerco Ltd, The approval of concessions shall not constitute a precedent to accept similar noncompliant product in the future. Under no circumstances shall a supplier ship product to Aerco Ltd until the supplier has received formal written approval of the submitted concession.


3. Notication of Changes

Suppliers will immediately notify the Aerco Ltd Buyer in writing of the following changes:

  • Change in location of facilities, product and / or process definition, supplier or manufacturing equipment. Notification must be prior to relocation and with adequate time for hardware, system, and process re-qualification.
  • Change in ownership, name changes, or change in senior company management.
  • Change in, system or controlled processes certification status, including suspensions or disapprovals. Supplier shall notify the Aerco Ltd and Quality Manager by email within seven (7) days of change. Failure to notify Aerco Ltd Quality could result in business suspension or exit.


4. Retention of Records

The Supplier shall retain objective evidence of conformance to the Aerco Ltd Quality requirements for each shipment. Objective evidence includes, but is not limited to, all test and inspection records associated with the verification of compliance to the purchase order requirements.

The required evidence shall be retained by the Supplier for a minimum period of 10 years after delivery. The objective evidence shall be made available to the Aerco Ltd Buyer or Quality Manager upon request.

Examples of Quality Records to be retained are, but not limited to:

  • First Article Inspection reports & test records
  • Training Records
  • Manufacturing / fabrication records (e.g. planning sheets, routers)
  • Procurement documents (supplier placed orders)
  • Process control records (used as acceptance criteria)
  • Receiving inspection records (e.g. supplier C of C’s, test reports and material certifications)


5. Right of Access

Any person authorized by Aerco Ltd, including the Customer, Regulatory Authority, and/or Government Inspector shall, upon reasonable notice, have right of access to enter any works, warehouse, or other premises under the supplier’s control for the purpose of QMS compliance verification, investigations, surveillance or inspection of any records, tools, or materials procured or used for the manufacture of the goods or process of manufacture on the completed goods themselves before dispatch.

This right shall be flowed to lower tier suppliers.


6. Counterfeit Parts Prevention

Suppliers and Brokers must have a counterfeit parts prevention program. The purpose of this program shall be to prevent the delivery of counterfeit parts and control parts identified as counterfeit. Further guidance can be found in SAE AS5553

The Supplier is responsible for notifying Aerco Ltd of any suspected components used in the furtherance of Aerco Purchase Orders.

All occurrences of counterfeit parts shall be documented and reported, as appropriate, through Aerco Ltd Quality and to external organizations (e.g. law enforcement agencies).


7. Flow down of Requirements

The Supplier shall ensure that all applicable requirements of the Order are flowed down to its permitted suppliers at any tier. The Supplier shall ensure that the product delivered to Aerco Ltd conforms to all specifications, drawings, third party quality standards (e.g., AS9100, etc.), Government procurement regulations, Public Laws and other requirements as may be specified in the Order.

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