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Oxley is a world class provider of EMC filters, LED lamps and interconnect components, the Group also specialises in LED lighting and night vision solutions. Oxley products are used worldwide by customers who require uncompromising quality and reliability in the world’s most demanding environments across military and industrial platforms.
The LED panel indicator lamps range covers bespoke indicators to meet military & aerospace applications, to high reliability standard off-the-shelf products and incandescent bulb replacements.
The interconnect range comprises of precision-turned parts for specialist PCB interconnect and test functions.
Oxley has extensive experience in the production of EMI filters and has state of the art facilities dedicated to the design, prototype and production of discretes, ceramic planar arrays and multi-way products for the removal of unwanted electro-magnetic interference from equipment.

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Design Support : Paul Bandy

Paul Bancy - Aerco's EMC Expert

Need advice on EMC?

Paul Bandy has been immersed in EMC issues for years, but says he is still learning something new every day.
With an excellent technical understanding of the challenges and with access to filters, filtered connectors and shielding components from leading manufacturers, Paul is able to give practical advice that can save designers many hours of searching and experimentation.

Whether your problem relates to filtering, shielding or best practice for elimination of emissions, email Paul or contact Paul on 01403 260206 to find out how he can help.


Oxley News
Oxley News
04/01/2017 14:02:47

Three Oxley LED lamps in various coloursNow in stock at Aerco, the distributor and stockist of electrical and electronic components servicing hi-rel markets, is the OXL/CLH/100 range of LED lamps that will find extensive applications in military and civil aircraft and vehicles.

Offering the inherent advantages of LED technology that include: greater reliability, safety and durability, improved efficiency, lower operating temperatures and operating costs, the CLH/100 series has a 10mm mounting, an 80° or 100° viewing angle and is sealed to IP66.

With an operating and storage temperature of -40 to 85°C, the range is available in standard and high intensity versions offering a luminous intensity from 34 to 1,250mcd.   Current rating is 15 or 20A and a range of voltage options provide a high degree of design flexibility.

The range is built with an aluminium black nickel body and is available in low profile or prominent format with flush mounting.

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11/01/2017 10:56:45

Oxley stainless steel lampAerco now stocks the new range of stainless steel lamps from Oxley developed to meet the growing customer demand for robust, corrosion-resistant solutions in the military, aerospace, industrial and other markets that operate in highly challenging environments.

The lamps are made in stainless steel grade 303 as standard and marine-grade 316 if required and the range includes an 8mm panel sealed lamp and an 8mm sealed top and rear version.  Both are protected to IP68 and therefore suitable for external applications and are available with EMI shielding.  The stainless steel and glass construction provides a rugged and reliable product with an operating temperature range between -40 and +85°C.

As with all of the Oxley lamps, these high performance products are available in a wide variety of configurations to suit the required application.  A range of high intensity colours is available including red, green, yellow, blue and white and a variety of terminations can be selected for ease of installation.  The lamps are available with a domed or convex lens alongside a selection of voltage and current options.

These new lamps are suitable for a wide range of applications with the 303 grade lamps ideal for use in aircraft fittings, electrical switchgear components and gear and shaft mechanisms while the grade 316 option will appeal to designers working in applications such as food preparation, laboratories, coastal architecture installations and quarry and mining. 


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11/01/2017 12:38:57

Oxley optical filters in various shades

As the UK master distributor for the Oxley Group, Aerco now stocks a range of commercial optical filters.  Oxley has long established reputation for manufacturing NVIS (night vision imaging systems) filters for aircraft and other military systems and has now developed military quality filters for applications such as medical and scientific equipment and quality control and test systems.
Various types of broadband anti-reflection filters are available including: longpass, shortpass and bandpass filters.  Cold and hot mirrors, used to transmit or reflect unwanted heat from a system, reflective neutral density filters to reduce spectral output and ITO windows used to provide electrical continuity across the surface of a glass filter are also available.
Oxley filters are available in glass as standard and are available with a choice of standard finishes including: anti-reflection coatings,   EMI shield coatings (ITO) or mesh, diffusion and environmental protection coatings .  Other finishes are available on request.
Coated filters are available for the visible or infrared spectral regions and are produced on 1mm thick high quality borofloat substrate and are available in sizes of 25mm diameter and 25mm and 50mm squares. 

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11/01/2017 14:18:31

Oxley LED panel lamps in various colours

Aerco now stocks the Oxley range of panel-mount LED indicators qualified against DESC controlled drawings 85122 and 87019.  These high specification lamps are protected to IP68 and 100% screened against Table I and II of DESC drawings including: burn-in, seal, temperature cycling and luminous intensity testing.

With an MTBF rating in excess of 90,000 hours these rugged DESC panel indicator lamps are suitable for the most demanding industrial and military applications.  They are available in 8mm mounting with flying lead or spill terminations, in various viewing angles and are supplied in red, green and yellow. 

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