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Founded in 1973, with over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture and sale of electrolytic capacitors, and now as the operator of Taiwan's largest capacitor and aluminum foil forming plants, Kaimei electronics has surged ahead to become an outstanding leader in its field. With quality products and strength of brand The Jamicon Corporation has reached to be one of the Top 500 companies in Taiwan. Jamicon manufactures AC & DC Axial Fans and Blowers.

Design Support : Paul Bandy

Paul Bancy - Aerco's EMC Expert

Need advice on fans?

With access to AC and DC fans and blowers from ADDA, NMB, Delta and many others, we can recommend the best products for your application and budget from heavy-duty blowers to PCB-mounted chip and hot spot coolers.

With clear understanding of the technical issues, combined with a practical approach to samples and prototyping, enables him to provide a highly practical solution to your cooling problems.

Contact Paul and find out how he can help or call us on 01403 260206.

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