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Since the 1940's, ETRI has been supplying a wide range of standard axial and centrifugal fans, as well as high performance air conditioning applications. Particularly specialising in the production of the fans for the electronics and military industry.

founded in 1945, ETRI was taken over in 2002 by ECOFIT who design, manufacture and sell electric motors and fans.

Design Support : Paul Bandy

Paul Bancy - Aerco's EMC Expert

Need advice on Components?

Paul Bandy has been immersed in electronic component issues for years, but says he is still learning something new every day.

With an excellent technical understanding of the challenges and with access to EMC, Fans, Circuit protection, Switching, Lighting, Data Capture and hi-rel interconnect products from leading manufacturers, Paul is able to give practical advice that can save designers many hours of searching and experimentation.

Contact Paul and find out how he can help or call us on 01403 260206.


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Fan Frame OnlyFan Frame OnlyEnquire£0.00
Fan 80x80x50mm 400HzFan 80x80x50mm 400HzEnquire£0.00
Fan 80x80x50mm 115V 400HzFan 80x80x50mm 115V 400HzEnquire£0.00
Fan 80x80x50mm 200VAC 400HzFan 80x80x50mm 200VAC 400HzEnquire£0.00
Fan 80x80x30mm 115VACFan 80x80x30mm 115VACEnquire£0.00
Fan 80x80x50mm 400HzFan 80x80x50mm 400HzEnquire£0.00
Fan vane axial 80x80x50mmFan vane axial 80x80x50mmEnquire£0.00
Fan 80x80x50mm 400HzFan 80x80x50mm 400Hz1£0.00
Fan 80x80x50mm 115VAC - 400HzFan 80x80x50mm 115VAC - 400HzEnquire£0.00
Fan 80x80x50mm 400HzFan 80x80x50mm 400HzEnquire£0.00

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Fan 97'2x94'4x33mm 12v BallFan 97'2x94'4x33mm 12v BallEnquire£0.00
Fan 97'2x94'4x33mm 24v Ball to IP 55Fan 97'2x94'4x33mm 24v Ball to IP 55Enquire£0.00

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