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AB Connectors

AB Connectors from TT Electronics is a recognised market leader in the design and manufacture of interconnection systems where high performance and reliability are mandatory requirements.

AB Connectors provide a comprehensive range of circular connectors ideal for harsh environments and exceed the demands of the Transportation, Military, Industrial and Marine markets.

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Design Support : Alec Sluce

Alec Sluce - Design Support infront of Aerco office

Alec Sluce has been designing and advising on interconnect solutions for more years than he is prepared to admit.

He is the first to concede that his job is made easier because Aerco supplies connectors from leading manufacturers such as AB, Binder, CEEP, Deutsch, Glenair, Harwin, Hypertac, ITT Cannon, Kings, Polamco, Telegartner, TE Connectivity, Winchester and many others.

Alec knows about connectors in all their shapes, sizes and applications.

If you need one-to-one advice on connectors contact Alec and find out how he can help or call Alec on 01403 260206.

AB Connectors News
TT Electronics News
08/05/2019 09:31:14

Image of Steadi Shield Connector

Multiple contacts in a single shell

With the ever-increasing demand for high speed ethernet connection, engineers are faced with the growing challenge of having to screen multiple ethernet contacts within a single connector shell.

The Steadi-Shield series from TT Electronics, stocked by Aerco, solves this design issue. It utilises a metallised insert which provides instant 360-degree screen termination through a common ground. Using the metal insulator allows for a high reliability, simplified screen termination process which is far easier and quicker than traditional methods employing extra components such as braiding and clamps and requiring levels of operator skill and experience to complete successfully.

The Steadi-Shield series can accommodate up to seven high speed 10Gb ethernet contacts in a single insert as well as allowing for combinations of coax, twinax, triax and quadrax contacts alongside standard single contacts. The inserts are designed for use in the high performance ABMP connector series which is EN45545-2 compliant and derived from MIL-C-5015 and VG95234 reverse bayonet specifications

The use of Steadi-Shield with ABMP ensures users obtain high speed high reliability data communication with IP67 sealing, shock and vibration protection and 500 mating cycle performance, making it the ideal choice in demanding industry sectors such as the military and rail markets. It can be used across a range of applications as diverse as power distribution, lighting, trackside signalling and detection systems, driver and passenger information systems, CCTV, and braking systems.

Aerco offers Steadi-Shield and ABMP with next day delivery, no minimum order quantities and comprehensive technical and design support.


For a quote or for more information contact Alec Sluce by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

22/12/2016 09:34:39

ABMP connectors from AercoAs an extension to its assembling capability for TT Electronics AB Connectors, Aerco now assembles the ABMP, a new connector that adds twin-ax and quadrax capability to the AB range of ABCIRP connectors.

AB’s ABCIRP is a popular range of circular connectors derived from Mil-C-5015 and VG95234 specifications.  Designed specifically for the demanding environments of railway and mass transportation, they are approved to the French rail specification N.F.F. 61030 and therefore can be used by any sub-contractor on any train operated by SNCF.

ABMP connectors share the high-performance, positive lock, quick disconnect, reverse-bayonet coupling mechanism that ensures fast and reliable mating of the ABCIRP but add twin-ax and quadrax capability.  Four styles of multi-pole contacts are available in any combination of co-ax, twin-ax, tri-ax or quadrax making these extremely versatile, high-speed data connectors capable of handling seven high-speed Ethernet connections or numerous combinations of signal and data links.

Shock and vibration tested to BSEN6137 Cat 1, ABMP connectors are highly durable with an excess of 2000 matings and the crimp removable contacts allow simple assembly and maintenance.

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