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31/07/2019 15:51:30

Image of AB Connectors

Reliable Interconnect Solution, for Rail and Vehicle Applications.

For applications demanding high power in limited space Aerco, in partnership with the manufacturer TT Electronics AB Connectors, provides the Pola Power connector.

As more and more equipment and technology is fitted to vehicles and trains the demand for a high-power single pole connector continues to grow. The Pola Power connector, which handles 600A and incorporates SAYF finger proof technology, meets this demand perfectly.

Pola Power is IP67 rated in both mated and unmated condition, available in RoHS compliant zinc nickel finish and meets IP2X finger protection in both pin and socket versions. Its rugged yet compact design enables it to meet the requirement for 500 mating cycles.

There is a range of options for straight or angled back shells and a choice of crimp or threaded contacts with lugs that accept 120mm square conductors. The combination of grounded plug with screened accessories also offers superior RFI/EMC performance.

Aerco offers all these options from stocked parts with no MOQs, ensuring that engineers and designers have the flexibility to access the full capability of the range, making Pola Power the ideal choice to solve size, weight and power (SWaP) issues in a range of applications as diverse as rail, military and electric vehicles and renewable energy.


For a quote or for more information please contact Alec Sluce by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

19/07/2019 12:14:11

Image of AB Connectors

Aerco is exhibiting at the DSEI exhibition. A stockist and distributor of electrical components, Aerco is an Approved supplier to many of the major defence systems manufacturers around the world.

Aerco has distribution franchise agreements with major component manufacturers including AB Connectors, Alpha Wire, Barnbrook systems, Glenair, Honeywell, Oxley Developments, Paramount Panels and TE Connectivity and will be showing their products on the stand.


In addition to operating these franchises Aerco is an experienced supplier-reduction partner, being able to source and supply electrical components from around the world. Aerco holds ISO9001:2015 and AS9120B approvals and operates to AS6081 anti-counterfeit procedures. Aerco is a member of the SC21 supply chain improvement organisation, the ERAI and is Joscar registered.

Aerco has great technical expertise with a Design Support team available to assist customers in component selection. Part number translations are provided including the NATO Stock Number and PAN specs for aircraft components. Value-added services include connector assembly, kitting and custom modification of products under franchised supplier’s quality systems.

Aerco can be found in the South hall on stand S1-220, where our expert staff will be pleased to meet you and light refreshments will also be available.


For for more information please contact Rob Laughton by or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

07/06/2019 10:08:06

Image of Oxley LED

Compact high reliability 5mm mounting panel LED’s

Now in stock at Aerco, is the MIL50 range of LED lamps.

Offering the advantages of LED technology that include reliability, durability, efficiency, lower operating temperatures, and lower cost of ownership, the MIL50 series has a 5mm mounting size, with a 60° viewing angle, and is panel sealed to IP67.

The range is available in all colours, in both standard and high intensity, with a wide range of operating voltages and currents, as well as sunlight readable, and NVG options.

With flying lead or spill terminations and an operating temperature of -40° to 85°C, and they offer the user a degree of flexibility in potential designs


For a quote or for more information please contact Paul Bandy by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

06/06/2019 15:59:47

Image of Glenair Photonics

Reduced Form Factor Photonic Technologies for Ethernet, Digital Video, High-Speed Data, and Signal Aggregation Applications in Harsh Environments

The need for ruggedized photonic packaging in commercial and military harsh environments, as well as the increased focus on reducing size and weight, has led Glenair to develop a series of revolutionary, reduced form factor, optoelectronic modules that provide copper to fibre media conversion for Ethernet, digital video and signal aggregation applications.

Their Ethernet media converters allow the integration of fibre optic links with existing legacy copper based network infrastructures and extend the reach of these networks over much greater distances, also providing future proofing with the increased bandwidth capacity. The modules facilitate the conversion of optical gigabit Ethernet data streams into electrical signals servicing switches, routers, and other peripherals. Features include integrated magnetics on the electrical side, a lightning strike hardened variant and optional flow control and built in test console port functionalities. The modules are available in panel mount, flange mount or inline form factors.

The Glenair ruggedized copper to fibre video media converters support many video transport protocols including DVI, HDMI, SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI, ARINC 818 and more. They extend electrical transmission distances via the optical domain, providing high reliability connectivity with robust EMC and security, particularly beneficial in military harsh environment deployments such as graphics card to remote display interconnect applications.

Signal aggregation media converters integrate multiple compact optoelectronic modules to digitize and/or aggregate multiple low data rate signal types in the electrical domain, such as RS422/485 and discrete transmit/receive signals and combine them for transport at a high data rate over a single optical fibre channel.

All the media converters leverage Glenair’s standard high performance connectors, such as the D38999 Series III, GHD, Mighty Mouse, GFOCA and M28876 series and support a range of fibre optic ferrules, including 1.25mm, 1.57mm, 2.0mm, and 2.5mm, in both single-mode and multimode

Standard rating for the modules is a -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range, with extended temperature ranges available on request.


For a quote or for more information please contact Mark Ogden by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

05/06/2019 14:13:35

Image of Honeywell Limit Switch

Reliable Harsh Environment Switching solutions

Honeywell offer an impressive breadth of product offerings to best meet specific application needs and conditions.

Mounting styles include the compact 20-25mm mounting centers, miniature EN50041 or the larger EN50047.

Housings can be lightweight plastic, rugged zinc die-cast, or additional options for stainless steel body construction and available with multiple circuit and actuator options. Additional features to benefit customers can include low or high temp construction, with environmentally sealed pre-wired versions available. The Honeywell limit switches offer excellent reliability for potential applications including;

  • Ground based military equipment
  • Food and beverage
  • Construction and agricultural
  • Material handling
  • Railway stock and infrastructure
  • Industrail Valves
  • Chemical and food processing
  • Caustic waste handling
  • Power Generation

The extended Hazardous area range is weatherproof, water-tight, and dust-tight, and is designed for safe operation in a potentially explosive environment, with ATEX approval to ensure safe containment of any spark potential.


For a quote or for more information please contact Paul Bandy by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

03/06/2019 14:43:00

Image of Aerco Receiving SC21 Award

On 15th May, Aerco were presented the prestigious SC21 Bronze Award for Operational Excellence at the ADS Event held on the Manufacturing Technology Centre, in Coventry.

This is the fourth year that Aerco have retained this award, evidencing continued high levels of Operational performance to the independent assessment team.

SC21 is now in its 13th year, this is the largest and longest running Aerospace and Defence Supply Chain Improvement programme, complementing Aerco’s ISO9001 / AS9120 Quality Management Systems and adoption of LEAN.

Key benefits of the SC21 Government backed scheme have been to drive Continuous Improvement, Competitiveness and Capability throughout the UK’s Aerospace and Defence Industry’s Supply Chain.

What this really means for organisations that have successfully achieved these awards are: -

  • Standard tools and techniques
  • Standard performance recognition
  • Increased transparency
  • Improved communication and collaboration

Aerco worked with key Customer Leonardo Helicopters, to share best practice and demonstrate evidence of continued Delivery & Quality performance, Manufacturing, Business and Relationship Excellence.

The award was presented by Leonardo Helicopters’ Jerry Prideaux, Supplier Chain Manager UK and Chris Thomson, Supplier Development to Aerco’s Quality Manager, Stephen Herritts and SC21 Business Improvement Co-ordinator, Juliet Small.


For a quote or for more information or to enquire about a quote or about Aerco and our services please contact us by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

09/05/2019 14:52:01

Image of Steadi Shield Connector

High power, modular connectors for all on-board power applications within the rail market.

The Transformer Series HeavyPower (TSH) connectors from Smiths Interconnect are a range of ruggedized, high reliability, high power, heavy duty interconnects which offer a modular solution for all on board power applications within the harsh environment rail market.

The TSH are available in 1 to 4 pole versions and employ Smiths Interconnect’s latest evolution of their Hypertac® hyperboloid technology: the Tortac® contact. The contact’s single piece hyperboloid construct supports higher current ratings than bifurcated designs and features very low fretting corrosion, allowing TSH to support currents of 300A per pole with an endurance of over 500 mating cycles. Connector styles include straight and right-angle versions and a ‘Y’ branch variant supporting additional use as a power junction box.

Comprising a polyamide insulator with a passivated aluminium frame, the design conforms to rail fire and smoke standards EN 45545-2, NF F 16-101 and NFF16-102 and has an environmental ingress protection rating of IP66/IP67 when mated. The design of the insulator ensures that correct voltage creepage distance clearances are met, providing high electrical protection in severe environments. It is fully compliant to EN50124 Pollution Degree 4, allowing external deployment of TSH on train roofs, under car on bogies and between vehicles as inter-carriage jumpers, without the need for cleaning

To support inter-coach jumper applications, an integrated anti-swaying device on the connector backend mitigates potential cable degradation and obviates the need for additional cable support clamping. An optional ‘Y’ branch connector style, TSHY, is available which splits each pole input into two outputs, replacing the need for junction boxes and so saving space and weight and simplifying maintenance. Typical design use would be a three pole ‘Y’ connector taking in the train’s three phase power and then branching each input phase into two output feeds, with each output supplying separate motors on the bogies.

The modular range employs a unique do-it-yourself system, offering a configurable architecture which enables customers to design their own platform solutions with just a few elementary piece parts. This allows many connector configurations to be supported by holding a minimal amount of piece part stock, reducing supply chain, cabling and maintenance costs and facilitating quick and flexible time to market. No special tools are needed except crimping tools, resulting in a further reduction in stock and kitting/logistic management.

TSH connectors have a voltage rating of 3600V, and a standard temperature range rating of -55°C to +125°C.


For a quote or for more information contact Mark Ogden by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

08/05/2019 09:31:14

Image of Steadi Shield Connector

Multiple contacts in a single shell

With the ever-increasing demand for high speed ethernet connection, engineers are faced with the growing challenge of having to screen multiple ethernet contacts within a single connector shell.

The Steadi-Shield series from TT Electronics, stocked by Aerco, solves this design issue. It utilises a metallised insert which provides instant 360-degree screen termination through a common ground. Using the metal insulator allows for a high reliability, simplified screen termination process which is far easier and quicker than traditional methods employing extra components such as braiding and clamps and requiring levels of operator skill and experience to complete successfully.

The Steadi-Shield series can accommodate up to seven high speed 10Gb ethernet contacts in a single insert as well as allowing for combinations of coax, twinax, triax and quadrax contacts alongside standard single contacts. The inserts are designed for use in the high performance ABMP connector series which is EN45545-2 compliant and derived from MIL-C-5015 and VG95234 reverse bayonet specifications

The use of Steadi-Shield with ABMP ensures users obtain high speed high reliability data communication with IP67 sealing, shock and vibration protection and 500 mating cycle performance, making it the ideal choice in demanding industry sectors such as the military and rail markets. It can be used across a range of applications as diverse as power distribution, lighting, trackside signalling and detection systems, driver and passenger information systems, CCTV, and braking systems.

Aerco offers Steadi-Shield and ABMP with next day delivery, no minimum order quantities and comprehensive technical and design support.


For a quote or for more information contact Alec Sluce by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

08/05/2019 09:16:06

Image of ELED

Reliable Harsh Environment Interconnect Solution, Optimised for Rail and Embedded Applications.

The REP series from Smiths Interconnect is a panel or cable mounted multi-pole, sealed, light weight, polycarbonate plastic connector, which delivers optimal durability in harsh environments. The connectors provide a cost effective, quick and secure connection for embedded equipment such as sensors, brakes, lighting, air conditioning and communications.

Plugs and receptacles with crimp terminated contacts are available for cable to cable solutions, with the receptacle also supporting panel mounting. Receptacle versions are also available loaded with straight or bent contacts with solder terminations for PCB or panel mounting. Both versions are available in 2, 6 and 12 way layouts, all with polarized guides, and providing over 500 mating cycles. Connection is fast, simple and secure with push to mate and press and release to un-mate.

A shunt accessory is available for the 6 and 12 way receptacles, enabling electrical derivation inside the connector for transmission of information to different locations. Other accessories available include cable retainers, panel seals, panel mounting brackets, plastic dummy contacts and filler plugs.

The connector employs Smiths Interconnect’s proven Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology which, with its superior performance, ensures excellent reliability even under high levels of shock and vibration. Contact features include a 360 wiping action, low insertion/extraction forces, minimal contact resistance, immunity to fretting corrosion and a long life cycle in harsh environments. The hyperboloid contact supports a 30% higher current carrying capacity than standard contacts of the same size, with a rating of 18A.

The REP series is qualified to stringent European rail safety standards, conforming to the fire and smoke requirements of NFF 16-101, NFF 16-102, EN 45545-2 and UL94V0 standards and shock resistant levels to EN 61-373. Environmental protection ratings of IP66 and IP67 are achieved through the integration of over-moulded silicone grommets and interfacial seals.

The single sized crimp contact caters for cables from 0.50mm² to 2.5mm² (24-12AWG), offering a significant cost of ownership saving in terms of reduction in inventory holding and maintenance costs. Further, no special tools are required for assembly with the consequent reduction of supply chain, maintenance and cabling costs.

Voltage rating is 230V, with a standard temperature range rating of -55°C to +110°C (panel mount version up to +250°C).


For a quote or for more information contact Mark Ogden by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

07/05/2019 14:49:45

Image of ELED

Long Life Latest LED Technology

Aerco is stocking ELED1750, a dual polarity LED light source from Oxley designed to replace standard T1 ¾ incandescent bulbs in push-button switches and panel instrumentation.

The ELED1750 is a high reliability replacement for T1¾ tungsten incandescent bulbs, highly suitable for use in rail, power, oil and gas applications, these ELEDS have a voltage operating range from 24 to 28 VDC or VAC and by using the latest LED technology achieve the required levels of illumination while optimising thermal management. Product life is also increased with the ELED with MTBF figure raised to 90,000 hours.

ELED1750 is resilient with high Thermal conductivity with operating temperature of -40°C to 70°C and is available in the full colour range, with customer specials available on request

Aerco offers ELED’s with next day delivery, no minimum order quantities and comprehensive technical and design support.


For a quote or for more information contact Paul Bandy by email or call on +44(0)1403 260206.

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