Covid Business Update

COVID-19 Update March 2022

While the government has abolished restrictions and advised individuals to be cautious in certain circumstances. Aerco will continue with the following policies to ensure there is enough well staff for the company to function.

At Aerco we have decided that it will be prudent for us to continue many of the safety precautions for the foreseeable future for our employees and visitors. Specifically:

  • To continue wearing masks (unless medically exempt) when moving around the buildings and when talking to other team.
  • To continue to sanitise hands and equipment where appropriate and up to individual preference.
  • To continue homework where appropriate.
  • To continue to be cautious about receiving visitors, visitors are to wear masks and sanitise hands.
  • No longer need to test twice weekly but if feeling ill and have covid symptoms, take a lateral flow test. If you have tested positive, inform your manager, a decision will be made regarding working from home if you feel well enough.
  • If member of your household has tested positive, inform your manager know and a decision will be made if you can come to work, based on the circumstances and work situation.
  • Once you test negative twice, 24 hours apart, you will be able to return to the office if you are well.

With best regards,

Rob Laughton
Managing Director