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Honeywell switch and control components are tailored to exact specifications for stronger performance, longer productivity and increased safety. Enhanced accuracy and durability are built into every part, improving output and endurance. Experts in aerospace, defence, transportation and industrial industries, together, Aerco and Honeywell are able to supply products and solutions for a wide range of applications. Our vast range of switches include toggle, push button, basic, limit, snap action and rocker switches.

Carling Technologies offers one to four pole switches in numerous single throw and double throw maintained and momentary circuits. Our rocker, toggle, push button, and rotary style switches come with a wide variety of aesthetic and functional options including circuit configurations, AC & DC ratings, insulated and watershedding constructions, termination options, mounting options, custom colors and imprinting. And our Contura Series and L-Series family of illuminated and non-illuminated rocker switches have set the industry standard for sealed switches. They offer complete protection against dust and prolonged effects of spray and immersion under pressure (IP66 & IP68), and are recognized to UL1500 ignition protection for marine products. While we're always eager to respond to requests for custom applications, you'll find that many of your needs can be addressed simply by taking advantage of the multitude of choices in our switch product lines.

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Limit SwitchGLAD01A1BLimit Switch£53.86Enquire
GLS Basic SwitchGLZ1ABGLS Basic Switch£22.08Enquire
GLS Head-Top roller plungerGLZ1ACGLS Head-Top roller plunger£28.78Enquire
GLS Basic SwitchGLZ1AE7BGLS Basic Switch£26.10Enquire
GLS Basic SwitchGLZ301GLS Basic Switch£22.08Enquire
GLS Basic SwitchGLZ302GLS Basic Switch£28.78Enquire
GLA LimitSwitch SPDT 2xNCGLZ306GLA LimitSwitch SPDT 2xNC£22.841
GLS LimitSwitch SPDT Snap Action LowGLZ307GLS LimitSwitch SPDT Snap Action Low£25.673
GLS Basic SwitchGLZ320GLS Basic Switch£35.47Enquire
GLS Basic SwitchGLZ324GLS Basic Switch£33.19Enquire
GLS ARM-STD Nylon RollerGLZ51AGLS ARM-STD Nylon Roller£8.30Enquire
GLS ARM-STD Metal RollerGLZ51BGLS ARM-STD Metal Roller£8.30Enquire
Basic Switch Adjustable Roller (GLS)GLZ52BBasic Switch Adjustable Roller (GLS)£12.4634
GLS Basic SwitchGLZ54JGLS Basic Switch£12.46Enquire
Offset Fixed Lever Steel RollerGLZ55BOffset Fixed Lever Steel Roller£12.051
Switch Lens - Green - No legendMML52E-10GSwitch Lens - Green - No legend£0.00Enquire
Switch Sealed, Cable Outlet Angle, 2mPAN6522-5Switch Sealed, Cable Outlet Angle, 2m£0.00Enquire
Switch SubminiatureSXE313DSwitch Subminiature£0.00Enquire

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