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Rocker Switches
Available from Aerco, Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C) offers an unprecedented lineup of full-size, miniature, and subminiature rocker switches. But an impressive product line is only one part. They bring to bear a wealth of engineering expertise and application knowledge. Suitable for a wide range of electrical and display designs, shapes, sizes, and configurations. Military-grade, environmentally sealed options are available.

These Rocker switches can be provided with or without buttons. Available as a flush or panel mount. Large selection of rocker colors, circuitries, and electrical terminations. Versions available with silver or gold contacts to meet a variety of electrical load requirements. Potential applications include industrial machinery and equipment, commercial aviation, construction equipment, test instruments, agricultural machinery, process control, and medical instrumentation

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Rocker Switch 1P1TP1-31Rocker Switch 1P£65.23Enquire
Rocker Switch 1P1TP1-3MRocker Switch 1P£0.00Enquire
Rocker Switch 1P 2Pos Transparent Flush1TP12-3Rocker Switch 1P 2Pos Transparent Flush£47.07Enquire
Rocker Switch 1P 2Pos Flush W/O Buttons1TP201-3Rocker Switch 1P 2Pos Flush W/O Buttons£47.075
Rocker Switch 1P1TP8-7Rocker Switch 1P£40.59Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-1Rocker Switch 2P£69.62Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-10Rocker Switch 2P£76.52Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P 2Pos Screw2TP1-3Rocker Switch 2P 2Pos Screw£69.6211
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-31Rocker Switch 2P£78.03Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-3MRocker Switch 2P£0.00Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-5Rocker Switch 2P£69.62Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-50Rocker Switch 2P£76.52Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-7Rocker Switch 2P£69.62Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P2TP1-8Rocker Switch 2P£69.62Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-1Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£53.51Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-10Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£63.15Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-3Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£53.51Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-31Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£0.00Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-5Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£56.08Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-50Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£120.85Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-7Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£53.51Enquire
Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons2TP8-8Rocker Switch 2P Panel W/O Buttons£61.16Enquire
Rocker Switch 4P4TP1-10Rocker Switch 4P£105.68Enquire
Rocker Switch 4P4TP1-3Rocker Switch 4P£98.92Enquire

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