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Pushbutton Switches
Excelling in applications ranging from light industrial to aerospace, these push button switches are compact, durable, and offer up to four poles — with momentary and alt-action, and with a choice of different colors, shapes and termination options.

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Lens Pushbutton, Black, No legendAML52-N-10KLens Pushbutton, Black, No legend£2.22Enquire
Cover Switch Black/BlackAML53-T-10KKCover Switch Black/Black£3.961
Cover Engraved "PERM/IND"AML53-T10KK-PERM/INDCover Engraved "PERM/IND"£0.00Enquire
Blue Full Rocker Switch CoverAML54-F-10-BBlue Full Rocker Switch Cover£2.63Enquire
Green Full Rocker Switch CoverAML54-F10GGreen Full Rocker Switch Cover£2.63Enquire
White Full Rocker Switch CoverAML54-F10WWhite Full Rocker Switch Cover£2.63Enquire
Black Paddle Switch Cover w/Red LensAML55-N-10-R-KBlack Paddle Switch Cover w/Red Lens£5.64Enquire
Rocker Switch Display Clear/whiteAML56-N10TWRocker Switch Display Clear/white£4.592
Lens (Blank) Green Single ScreenAML59RK10GLens (Blank) Green Single Screen£5.75Enquire
Lens (Blank) Red Single ScreenAML59RK10RLens (Blank) Red Single Screen£5.64Enquire
Lens (Blank) Yellow Single ScreenAML59RK10YLens (Blank) Yellow Single Screen£5.64Enquire
Switch Manual No Legend LED Green/RedAML59S-K-10-GRSwitch Manual No Legend LED Green/Red£0.00Enquire
End Barrier for Square AML-BlackAML71-SEBEnd Barrier for Square AML-Black£1.751
Centre Short Barrier Square AML-BlackAML71SCBCentre Short Barrier Square AML-Black£1.75Enquire
Panel Base and Seal - Square 19"AML75ABCPanel Base and Seal - Square 19"£6.51Enquire
Panel Seal for Pushbutton, BlackAML75BBCPanel Seal for Pushbutton, Black£6.47Enquire
Rectangular Switch Guard "Lift"AML76-F-10T-01PRectangular Switch Guard "Lift"£10.843
Square Switch Guard "Lift"AML76C10T01PSquare Switch Guard "Lift"£10.62Enquire
Incandescent Lamp, 14V for AMLAML91LA73Incandescent Lamp, 14V for AML£3.01Enquire
Incandescent Lamp, 28V for AMLAML91LA85Incandescent Lamp, 28V for AML£3.01Enquire
Incandescent Lamp, 6.3V for AMLAML91LA86Incandescent Lamp, 6.3V for AML£2.95Enquire
LED Six Chip GreenAML92EGLLED Six Chip Green£23.04Enquire
LED Quad Chip GreenAML92EGYLED Quad Chip Green£0.00Enquire
LED Six Chip RedAML92ERLLED Six Chip Red£11.89Enquire

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