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Pushbutton Switches
Excelling in applications ranging from light industrial to aerospace, these push button switches are compact, durable, and offer up to four poles — with momentary and alt-action, and with a choice of different colors, shapes and termination options.

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Split Lens Red/GreenAML51-D-50RGSplit Lens Red/Green£17.60Enquire
Split Lens Red/Green "FAULT/DG ON"AML51-D50RG-FAULT/DG-ONSplit Lens Red/Green "FAULT/DG ON"£0.00Enquire
Pushbutton: Rect Lens: AmberAML51-F-10APushbutton: Rect Lens: Amber£2.22Enquire
Pushbutton: Rect Lens: GreenAML51-F-10GPushbutton: Rect Lens: Green£2.22Enquire
Pushbutton: Rect Lens: RedAML51-F-10RPushbutton: Rect Lens: Red£0.0010
Pushbutton: Rect Lens: WhiteAML51-F-10WPushbutton: Rect Lens: White£2.22Enquire
Pushbutton: Rect Lens: YellowAML51-F-10YPushbutton: Rect Lens: Yellow£2.22Enquire
Push: Rect Lens:Clear Cap+White insertAML51-F-11WPush: Rect Lens:Clear Cap+White insert£3.63Enquire
Pushbutton: Rect Lens:Grey Cap+Grn inserAML51-F-30GPushbutton: Rect Lens:Grey Cap+Grn inser£3.63Enquire
Pushbutton: Rect Lens:Grey Cap+Red inserAML51-F-30RPushbutton: Rect Lens:Grey Cap+Red inser£0.0013
Pushbtn Rect Lens:White Cap+Green insertAML51-F-50GPushbtn Rect Lens:White Cap+Green insert£3.55Enquire
Pushbtn Rect Lens:White Cap+Red insertAML51-F-50RPushbtn Rect Lens:White Cap+Red insert£0.001
Pushbutton: Rect Lens:Green, "DG ON"AML51-F-60G-DG-ONPushbutton: Rect Lens:Green, "DG ON"£0.00Enquire
Pushbutton: Rect Split Lens: White/WhiteAML51-G-10-WWPushbutton: Rect Split Lens: White/White£0.002
Pushbutton: Rect Split Lens: Yellow/RedAML51-G-10-YRPushbutton: Rect Split Lens: Yellow/Red£0.00Enquire
Rect Amber Lens White Cap+Red InsertAML51-J-50RRect Amber Lens White Cap+Red Insert£0.00Enquire
Rect Amber Lens No LegendAML51-J10ARect Amber Lens No Legend£2.772
Rect Red Lens No LegendAML51-J10RRect Red Lens No Legend£0.002
Pushbutton: Rect Split Lens: Red/YellowAML51G10RYPushbutton: Rect Split Lens: Red/Yellow£5.452
Blue Square Button LEDAML52-C-10-BBlue Square Button LED£1.4890
Black Square Button LEDAML52-C-10-KBlack Square Button LED£1.48Enquire
Red Square Button LEDAML52-C-10-RRed Square Button LED£0.0010
White Square Button LEDAML52-C-10-WWhite Square Button LED£1.48Enquire
Amber Square Button LEDAML52-C10AAmber Square Button LED£1.44Enquire

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