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Pushbutton Switches
Excelling in applications ranging from light industrial to aerospace, these push button switches are compact, durable, and offer up to four poles — with momentary and alt-action, and with a choice of different colors, shapes and termination options.

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Rocker Rect Lamp 2xCKT 14V Soldr 3PosAML24G-BC-2-AA-04Rocker Rect Lamp 2xCKT 14V Soldr 3Pos£38.11Enquire
Rocker Rect 5V 2xLED Diode 3Pos Grn/RedAML26G-BC-8-AA-04-G-RRocker Rect 5V 2xLED Diode 3Pos Grn/Red£0.00Enquire
Keylock Switch 2P 3Pos Solder/SilverAML27A-B-K-2-AC-31BLKeylock Switch 2P 3Pos Solder/Silver£0.00In stock
Keylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/SilverAML27A-BK-2-AA-23BKKeylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/Silver£0.00In stock
Keylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/SilverAML27A-BK-2-AC-21-BAKeylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/Silver£68.05Enquire
Keylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/SilverAML27A-BK-2-AC-21-BBKeylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/Silver£63.04Enquire
Keylock Switch 2P 3Pos Solder/SilverAML27A-BK-2-AC-31-BLKeylock Switch 2P 3Pos Solder/Silver£68.05Enquire
Keylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/GoldAML27A-BK-2-BA-21-BAKeylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/Gold£65.85Enquire
Keylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/GoldAML27A-BK-2-BA-22-BAKeylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/Gold£64.04Enquire
Keylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/GoldAML27A-BK-2-BC-21-BAKeylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/Gold£72.38Enquire
Pushbtn Rect 2P 125Vac Solder Mom RedAML32-F-B-B-4ACPushbtn Rect 2P 125Vac Solder Mom Red£36.01Enquire
Pushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint ClrAML32-F-B-L-7-ADPushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint Clr£32.29Enquire
Pushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint RedAML32L-B-C-7-ADPushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint Red£36.29Enquire
Paddle Switch Lamp Soldr 2P MaintAML33F-B-A-4-AC-01Paddle Switch Lamp Soldr 2P Maint£0.00Enquire
Rocker Rect 1P Maint No LampAML34F-B-A-4-AA-01Rocker Rect 1P Maint No Lamp£27.15Enquire
Paddle Switch 250Vac Red 15A w/LampAML35F-B-C-7-AC-01Paddle Switch 250Vac Red 15A w/Lamp£0.00Enquire
Rocker Rect Red 125Vac Solder LampAML36-F-B-B-7-AC-01Rocker Rect Red 125Vac Solder Lamp£36.41Enquire
Square Indicator No lamp QC 1xCKTAML41C-B-A-2Square Indicator No lamp QC 1xCKT£11.41Enquire
Square Indicator 28V Lamp QCAML41C-B-E-2Square Indicator 28V Lamp QC£14.38Enquire
Square Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKTAML41D-B-A-2Square Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKT£12.99Enquire
Square Indicator 28V QC 2xCKTAML41D-B-E-2Square Indicator 28V QC 2xCKT£22.11Enquire
Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 1xCKTAML41F-B-A-2Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 1xCKT£12.36Enquire
Rect Indicator 28V Lam QC 1xCKTAML41F-B-E-2Rect Indicator 28V Lam QC 1xCKT£15.37Enquire
Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKTAML41G-B-A-2Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKT£15.79Enquire

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