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AML Series Pushbutton Switches
AML features innovations designed by industrial designers to achieve the best balance of human factors and aesthetic appearance. Operator height, bezel size, and the compatibility of square and rectangular shapes blend with other components to harmonize your panel. There’s no visual clutter to distract from man/ machine communication.AML offers a choice of five legend sizes, four button heights, fullor-split section display, and illumination by incandescent lamps, LEDs or neons. Accommodates different functions and promotes operator efficiency. All terminations at the same shallow depth (43,1 mm [1.7 in]) for convenient wiring or PC board termination.

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Keylock Switch 2P 3Pos Solder/SilverAML27A-BK-2-AC-31-BLKeylock Switch 2P 3Pos Solder/Silver£70.78Enquire
Keylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/GoldAML27A-BK-2-BA-21-BAKeylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/Gold£68.48Enquire
Keylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/GoldAML27A-BK-2-BA-22-BAKeylock Switch 1P 2Pos Solder/Gold£66.60Enquire
Keylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/GoldAML27A-BK-2-BC-21-BAKeylock Switch 2P 2Pos Solder/Gold£75.27Enquire
Pushbtn Rect 2P 125Vac Solder Mom RedAML32-F-B-B-4ACPushbtn Rect 2P 125Vac Solder Mom Red£37.45Enquire
Pushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint ClrAML32-F-B-L-7-ADPushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint Clr£33.58Enquire
Pushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint RedAML32L-B-C-7-ADPushbtn Rect 2P 250Vac Solder Maint Red£37.74Enquire
Paddle Switch Lamp Soldr 2P MaintAML33F-B-A-4-AC-01Paddle Switch Lamp Soldr 2P Maint£0.00Enquire
Rocker Rect 1P Maint No LampAML34F-B-A-4-AA-01Rocker Rect 1P Maint No Lamp£28.25Enquire
Paddle Switch 250Vac Red 15A w/LampAML35F-B-C-7-AC-01Paddle Switch 250Vac Red 15A w/Lamp£0.00Enquire
Rocker Rect Red 125Vac Solder LampAML36-F-B-B-7-AC-01Rocker Rect Red 125Vac Solder Lamp£37.86Enquire
Square Indicator No lamp QC 1xCKTAML41C-B-A-2Square Indicator No lamp QC 1xCKT£11.8654
Square Indicator 28V Lamp QCAML41C-B-E-2Square Indicator 28V Lamp QC£22.44Enquire
Square Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKTAML41D-B-A-2Square Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKT£13.51Enquire
Square Indicator 28V QC 2xCKTAML41D-B-E-2Square Indicator 28V QC 2xCKT£22.99Enquire
Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 1xCKTAML41F-B-A-2Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 1xCKT£12.85Enquire
Rect Indicator 28V Lam QC 1xCKTAML41F-B-E-2Rect Indicator 28V Lam QC 1xCKT£15.99Enquire
Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKTAML41G-B-A-2Rect Indicator No Lamp QC 2xCKT£24.63Enquire
Squ Indicator 24V Red LED QCAML42C-B-F-2Squ Indicator 24V Red LED QC£0.00Enquire
LED Annunciator Full 5V QC Green/GreenAML45RKB2GGLED Annunciator Full 5V QC Green/Green£0.00Enquire
LED Annunciator Full 5V QC Yellow/YellowAML45RKB2YYLED Annunciator Full 5V QC Yellow/Yellow£40.32Enquire
LED Annunciator Full 24V QC Red/RedAML45RKF2RRLED Annunciator Full 24V QC Red/Red£40.32Enquire
Annunciator Split 24V Green/Green w/DiodAML45S-K-F-8-GGAnnunciator Split 24V Green/Green w/Diod£0.00Enquire
Pushbutton Square Lens: WhiteAML51-A-30WPushbutton Square Lens: White£7.77Enquire

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