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Micro Switches
MICRO SWITCH Basic switches are designed for presence and absence detection where physical contact with an object is permissible. They also excel in applications requiring simple on-and-off actions, and are known for their compact and lightweight design. MICRO SWITCH snap-action switches are designed for accurate repeatability and extended life. Honeywell's snap-action basic switch is simple, superior, and durable with applications including medical, instrumentation, industrial and transportation

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Switch standard roller leverBZ-2RW82-A2Switch standard roller lever£13.25Enquire
BZ Switch SPDT 15ABZ-2RW822-12TBZ Switch SPDT 15A£13.9520
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW822-A2BZ Basic Switch£11.45Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW8255-A2BZ Basic Switch£18.38Enquire
BZ Switch SPDT 15ABZ-2RW825518-A2SBZ Switch SPDT 15A£17.7050
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW8255T4-JBZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW826BZ Basic Switch£19.12Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW826-A2BZ Basic Switch£17.82Enquire
Switch standard straight lever SPDT 15ABZ-2RW84-A2Switch standard straight lever SPDT 15A£10.14Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW863-A2BZ Basic Switch£10.86Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-3ASTBZ Basic Switch£24.71Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-3ATBZ Basic Switch£17.42Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-7RTBZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-R-N917BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-R169BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-RD722-A2BZ Basic Switch£15.15Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-RW80A2BZ Basic Switch£12.92Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-RW8435-A2BZ Basic Switch£12.99Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZE6-2RNBZ Basic Switch 1P£35.80Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZE6-2RN2BZ Basic Switch 1P£54.53Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZE6-2RQBZ Basic Switch 1P£29.45Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZE6-2RQ8BZ Basic Switch 1P£47.52Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1P Top PlungerBZE7-2RN-CBZ Basic Switch 1P Top Plunger£54.851
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZE7-2RN-PGBZ Basic Switch 1P£73.14Enquire

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