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Micro Switches
MICRO SWITCH Basic switches are designed for presence and absence detection where physical contact with an object is permissible. They also excel in applications requiring simple on-and-off actions, and are known for their compact and lightweight design. MICRO SWITCH snap-action switches are designed for accurate repeatability and extended life. Honeywell's snap-action basic switch is simple, superior, and durable with applications including medical, instrumentation, industrial and transportation

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BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RDBZ Basic Switch£0.00Discontinued
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RD-A2BZ Basic Switch£0.00Discontinued
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RDSBZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RDS-A2BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
Switch standard flexible leafBZ-2RL-A2Switch standard flexible leaf£0.00Discontinued
Switch large SPST standard basicBZ-2RL2Switch large SPST standard basic£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RM2-A2BZ Basic Switch£0.00Discontinued
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RN702BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ1BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Switch SPDT 15ABZ-2RQ1-A2BZ Switch SPDT 15A£11.486
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ172-A2BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
Switch standard overtravel plungerBZ-2RQ18-A2Switch standard overtravel plunger£28.141
Switch standard 15A SolderBZ-2RQ181Switch standard 15A Solder£0.00Enquire
Switch standard overtravel plungerBZ-2RQ181-A2Switch standard overtravel plunger£0.00Discontinued
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZ-2RQ181M-A2BZ Basic Switch 1P£0.00Discontinued
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZ-2RQ18M-A2BZ Basic Switch 1P£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZ-2RQ1M-A2BZ Basic Switch 1P£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ77-N23BZ Basic Switch£0.00Discontinued
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ784BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RSBZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BasicSwitch Straight Lever (BZ/BA)BZ-2RW-80BasicSwitch Straight Lever (BZ/BA)£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW-T80BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RW80-A2BZ Basic Switch£0.00Discontinued

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