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BZ and BA Series Micro Switches
MICRO SWITCH standard basic switches are precision snap-action mechanisms enclosed in accurately molded plastic cases. These switches are carefully manufactured and thoroughly inspected. They are industry known for their compactness, light weight, accurate repeatability and long life.Accurate, reliable, and repeatable, Honeywell MICRO SWITCH BZ/BA Premium Series switches are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications. Catalog listings within these Series of switches are available to control a wide range of electrical loads from logic level to power duty switching coupled with a wide variety of integral actuators. A variety of electrical connections are available to match the application requirements. Auxiliary actuators are available to increase the flexibility of the Premium Series switches as well as metal or plastic enclosures where required. These switches can be supplied factory gang–mounted (two switches) with an integral actuator for double pole applications or other circuit applications. Most of these switch Series have agency certifications for global applications. In addition, select catalog listings are qualified to MIL-PRF-8805 for military applications.

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BZ Switch standard pin plungerBZ-2R-A2BZ Switch standard pin plunger£9.014
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2R-Q1TBZ Basic Switch£19.03Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RDBZ Basic Switch£10.81Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RD-A2BZ Basic Switch£11.88Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RDSBZ Basic Switch£20.66Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RDS-A2BZ Basic Switch£11.29Enquire
Switch standard flexible leafBZ-2RL-A2Switch standard flexible leaf£12.82Enquire
Switch large SPST standard basicBZ-2RL2Switch large SPST standard basic£15.44Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RM2-A2BZ Basic Switch£14.51Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RN702BZ Basic Switch£27.52Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ1BZ Basic Switch£18.66Enquire
BZ Switch SPDT 15ABZ-2RQ1-A2BZ Switch SPDT 15A£11.886
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ172-A2BZ Basic Switch£24.01Enquire
Switch standard overtravel plungerBZ-2RQ18-A2Switch standard overtravel plunger£29.121
Switch standard 15A SolderBZ-2RQ181Switch standard 15A Solder£30.15Enquire
Switch standard overtravel plungerBZ-2RQ181-A2Switch standard overtravel plunger£30.41Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZ-2RQ181M-A2BZ Basic Switch 1P£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZ-2RQ18M-A2BZ Basic Switch 1P£27.75Enquire
BZ Basic Switch 1PBZ-2RQ1M-A2BZ Basic Switch 1P£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ77-N23BZ Basic Switch£0.00Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RQ784BZ Basic Switch£31.89Enquire
BZ Basic SwitchBZ-2RSBZ Basic Switch£16.00Enquire

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