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Limit Switches
Honeywell offer a rugged, die-cast body with multiple mounting and actuator options. Low- and hightemp construction and factory-sealed, pre-wired versions available. Potential applications include military and commercial aircraft, ground based military equipment,food and beverage, construction and agriculture equipment, material handling, rail, industrial valves, chemical and food processing, shipboard, caustic waste handling, and power generation.

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Switch - Environmentally Sealed9001EN14Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9001EN26SSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Environmentally Sealed Switch9001EN27SEnvironmentally Sealed Switch£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9001EN30SSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Environment sealed9001EN40REnvironment sealed£1,760.681
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9001EN55SSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9001EN6Switch - Environmentally Sealed£1,931.05Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9001EN8Switch - Environmentally Sealed£693.10Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9002EN18BSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£1,672.29Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9002EN3Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9002EN4SSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Limit Switch 2xSP/DT cts. 28vdc Sealed9002EN6Limit Switch 2xSP/DT cts. 28vdc Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9002EN7Switch - Environmentally Sealed£1,303.51Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9002EN9Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch Sealed (PAN6522-2)9003EN7Switch Sealed (PAN6522-2)£0.00Enquire
Environment sealed9005EN10Environment sealed£931.869
Environment sealed9005EN17Environment sealed£1,097.14Enquire
Environment sealed9005EN34Environment sealed£0.0010
Environment sealed9005EN38Environment sealed£811.41Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9005EN4Switch - Environmentally Sealed£1,192.15Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9005EN43BSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9005EN47RSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£1,201.79Enquire
Environment sealed9005EN61REnvironment sealed£1,756.85Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed9005EN69Switch - Environmentally Sealed£1,165.48Enquire

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