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Medium Duty Limit Switches
Medium-duty switches feature a small metal or plastic package size. Applications include material handling, printing machinery, machine tools, agricultural equipment, overhead cranes and hoists, packaging and earthmoving, stamping, conveyors, surface transportation and textile, and printing machinery.

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Mini Limit Pin Plunger 1m Cable14CE1-1Mini Limit Pin Plunger 1m Cable£45.364
Limit Switch14CE1-1KLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Limit Switch14CE1-2KLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Limit Switch14CE1-3Limit Switch£51.79Enquire
Limit Switch14CE1-3ALimit Switch£56.30Enquire
Limit Switch14CE1-3AKLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Limit Switch14CE1-3KLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Limit Switch14CE101-1Limit Switch£98.18Enquire
Limit Switch14CE101-3Limit Switch£105.17Enquire
Switch EExd Rated roller actuator14CE102-1Switch EExd Rated roller actuator£119.54Enquire
Limit Switch14CE102-6GLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Limit Switch14CE16-1Limit Switch£63.05Enquire
Limit Switch14CE16-3Limit Switch£69.49Enquire
Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 1m Cable14CE18-1Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 1m Cable£54.042
Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 1m Cable14CE18-1LMini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 1m Cable£0.00Enquire
Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 3m Cable14CE18-3Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 3m Cable£60.48Enquire
Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 6m Cable14CE18-6Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 6m Cable£70.145
Mini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 6m Cable14CE18-6AHMini Limit Pin Plunger IP67 6m Cable£84.29Enquire
Limit Pin Plunger IP67 Cable w/Connector14CE18-N66Limit Pin Plunger IP67 Cable w/Connector£78.17Enquire
Miniature Limit Switch14CE2-1Miniature Limit Switch£52.44Enquire
Limit Switch14CE2-1KLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Limit Switch14CE2-2KLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Miniature limit Switch14CE2-3Miniature limit Switch£62.46Enquire
Limit Switch14CE2-3KLimit Switch£0.00Enquire

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