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GLS Series Limit Switches
The GLS series is specifically designed for world-wide applications and is supported by Honeywell global resources for sales and after sales service. Over 300 versions designed to the newest IEC standard are available and include a wide range of EN50041 and EN50047 type switches. Miniature EN50047 limit switches are available in metal and double insulated enclosures and a metal enclosed 3-cable entry version (EN50047 mounting compatible) is also offered. The larger EN50041 switches include metal enclosed standard and plug-in versions. Applications include Aerial lifts, boom lifts • Automotive assembly lines and machining centers • Agriculture equipment • Conveyors • Doors and apertures • Material handling • Machine tools • Railroad locomotives and railroad signaling equipment • Transportation hubs • Valves

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Limit SwitchGLAA01E7BLimit Switch£53.70Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAA06A1BLimit Switch£0.00Enquire
Global Limit SPDT Side Rotary RollerGLAB01A1AGlobal Limit SPDT Side Rotary Roller£58.551
Limit SwitchGLAB01A1BLimit Switch£60.65Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB01A2ALimit Switch£62.64Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB01A2BLimit Switch£67.00Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB01BLimit Switch£53.27Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB01CLimit Switch£56.43Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB01DLimit Switch£58.55Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB01E7BLimit Switch£55.02Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB07CLimit Switch£58.56Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20A1ALimit Switch£72.66Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20A1BLimit Switch£74.77Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20A2ALimit Switch£73.06Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20A2BLimit Switch£81.11Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20BLimit Switch£61.89Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20CLimit Switch£70.53Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20DLimit Switch£72.66Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAB20E7BLimit Switch£61.04Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAC01A1ALimit Switch£55.24Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAC01A1BLimit Switch£60.65Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAC01A2ALimit Switch£64.18Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAC01A2BLimit Switch£69.33Enquire
Limit SwitchGLAC01A5BLimit Switch£59.25Enquire

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