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Environment Sealed Limit Switches
Honeywell MICRO SWITCH EN Series limit switches are bushing mount designed, manufactured, and qualified to MIL-PRF-8805 standards. These products provide a durable switch for commercial and military aircraft as well as commercial and military ground-based equipment. Other applications include off-road equipment where severe environments are encountered. The EN Series of switches have proven to deliver consistent and reliable operation in harsh environments on critical applications for more than 65 years. Honeywell EN Series are environment-proof sealed per Symbol 4,MIL-S-8805 and qualified to MIL-S-8805

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Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN1-14N119Switch - Environmentally Sealed£1,347.82Enquire
Limit switch PB Panel Mount DPDT 4A1EN1-15Limit switch PB Panel Mount DPDT 4A£338.184
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN1-15BN111Switch - Environmentally Sealed£1,316.30Enquire
Limit Switch Environment sealed 28Vdc1EN1-6Limit Switch Environment sealed 28Vdc£183.933
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN1-N337Switch - Environmentally Sealed£974.661
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN1-RBN226Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.003
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN1-SSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£378.59Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN194SSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£512.56Enquire
Limit Switch Panel Mount DPDT 4A1EN196-3Limit Switch Panel Mount DPDT 4A£384.9023
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN196-3N104Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Environment sealed1EN197-6N104Environment sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN1RBN135Switch - Environmentally Sealed£1,508.11Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN206-1N1Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN38-15Switch - Environmentally Sealed£662.56Enquire
Environment sealed1EN51-6Environment sealed£274.22Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1EN61-6Switch - Environmentally Sealed£366.32Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1ENN14Switch - Environmentally Sealed£989.01Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed1ENN20SSwitch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed201EN1-1Switch - Environmentally Sealed£549.49Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed21EN1-14N120Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed21EN1-SN88Switch - Environmentally Sealed£0.00Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed21EN51-6Switch - Environmentally Sealed£343.59Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed21EN51R3Switch - Environmentally Sealed£594.18Enquire
Switch - Environmentally Sealed21EN9-12Switch - Environmentally Sealed£462.07Enquire

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