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The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

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Thermistor 100k +/-0.5%100K6A1BThermistor 100k +/-0.5%£0.0075
barb cone lock orange silver plated100LS-250-0E-SPbarb cone lock orange silver plated£6.004
barb cone lock blue gold plated100LS-250-BE-GPbarb cone lock blue gold plated£0.0029
barb cone lock plug black gold plated100LS-250-BK-GPbarb cone lock plug black gold plated£0.0066
barb cone lock brown gold plated100LS-250-BN-GPbarb cone lock brown gold plated£0.009
barb cone lock brown silver plated100LS-250-BN-SPbarb cone lock brown silver plated£0.0018
barb cone lock green gold plated100LS-250-GN-GPbarb cone lock green gold plated£0.001
barb cone lock green silver plated100LS-250-GN-SPbarb cone lock green silver plated£0.00135
barb cone lock grey gold plated100LS-250-GY-GPbarb cone lock grey gold plated£0.006
barb cone lock grey silver plated100LS-250-GY-SPbarb cone lock grey silver plated£0.005
Bush Only for 100LS-250-red100LS-250-RD-BUSHBush Only for 100LS-250-red£0.00289
barb cone lock red gold plated100LS-250-RD-GPbarb cone lock red gold plated£0.0025
barb cone lock red,silver plated100LS-250-RD-SPbarb cone lock red,silver plated£0.00144
barb cone lock violet gold plated100LS-250-VT-GPbarb cone lock violet gold plated£0.0010
barb cone lock white gold plated100LS-250-WE-GPbarb cone lock white gold plated£0.001
barb cone lock white silver plated100LS-250-WE-SPbarb cone lock white silver plated£0.00540
barb cone lock yellow gold plated100LS-250-YW-GPbarb cone lock yellow gold plated£0.006
barb cone lock yellow silver plated100LS-250-YW-SPbarb cone lock yellow silver plated£0.0018
Protective cap100P-1240-10SL-1-ZB-WR4-03Protective cap£0.0058
Barb cone lock brown gold plated100P-250-BN-GPBarb cone lock brown gold plated£0.0020
Barb cone lock grey gold plated100P-250-GY-GPBarb cone lock grey gold plated£0.0067
Barb cone lock red gold plated100P-250-RD-GPBarb cone lock red gold plated£0.00Enquire
Barb cone lock violet gold plated100P-250-VT-GPBarb cone lock violet gold plated£0.003

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