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The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

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Crimp ring terminal, insulated.VDRL1-4Crimp ring terminal, insulated.£0.00In stock
5mm Solderless terminal, YellowVDWS05-55mm Solderless terminal, Yellow£0.21In stock
Heatshrink tubing colour whiteVERSAFIT-3/16-9Heatshrink tubing colour white£0.00In stock
SemiconductorVFD-20-1303Semiconductor£3.96In stock
VFSMC1-1D5C12.5TR 32.768KHZ  VALPVFSMC1-1D5C12-5TVFSMC1-1D5C12.5TR 32.768KHZ VALP£1.12In stock
Jam nut Receptacle Female crimpVG95328D-14-12SNJam nut Receptacle Female crimp£0.00In stock
Jam nut Receptacle Male crimpVG95328D-16-26PNJam nut Receptacle Male crimp£0.00In stock
Plug Female ct, Crimp c/w shielded acc'yVG95328M-10-06SNPlug Female ct, Crimp c/w shielded acc'y£0.00In stock
Plug male ct, Crimp c/w shielded acc'yVG95328M-14-12PNPlug male ct, Crimp c/w shielded acc'y£0.00In stock
Insulation sleeving - 300m reelVG95343T05A003AInsulation sleeving - 300m reel£0.00In stock
Conduit adaptor, straight female grommetVGE1SS28-2100LConduit adaptor, straight female grommet£31.28In stock
CRYSTAL 11.05920MHz, SMDVK11059DCRYSTAL 11.05920MHz, SMD£1.87In stock
CRYSTAL 20.000MHz, SMDVK20000CCRYSTAL 20.000MHz, SMD£1.87In stock
Capacitor, 10nF, 10%, 100VVK20BY103KBCapacitor, 10nF, 10%, 100V£3.34In stock
Capacitor Multilayer CeramicVK20BY333KACECCCapacitor Multilayer Ceramic£2.87In stock
Capacitor 100 voltVK20BY472KBCECCCapacitor 100 volt£2.87In stock
Capacitor ceramic, 56pF, 10%, 200VVK20BY560KCCapacitor ceramic, 56pF, 10%, 200V£3.22In stock
Capacitor ceramic, 0.056uF, 10%,50vVK20BY563KACapacitor ceramic, 0.056uF, 10%,50v£0.00In stock
Capacitor Ceramic 1uF 10% 50V (T&R)VK30BY105KATCapacitor Ceramic 1uF 10% 50V (T&R)£2.03In stock
Capacitor fixed 220N k 50vVK30BY224KACECCCapacitor fixed 220N k 50v£5.19In stock
Capacitor Radial 0.22UF 10% X7R 100VVK30BY224KBCECCCapacitor Radial 0.22UF 10% X7R 100V£1.31In stock
Capacitor fixed 0u47 k 50vVK30BY474KACECCCapacitor fixed 0u47 k 50v£1.73In stock
Capacitor fixed 0.56uf 50vVK30BY564KACECCCapacitor fixed 0.56uf 50v£7.76In stock
SwitchVLR1Switch£4.64In stock

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