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The following items are in stock and not allocated to specific customer orders. All these items are new, and most have manufacturer's traceable CofC available.

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Receptacle Female contact CrimpTT07RT-18-35SA014Receptacle Female contact Crimp£61.70In stock
Receptacle Female contact CrimpTT07RT-18-35SN014Receptacle Female contact Crimp£65.28In stock
Receptacle Male contact CrimpTT07RT-22-35PN014Receptacle Male contact Crimp£63.56In stock
Receptacle Male contact CrimpTT07RT-22-35PN023Receptacle Male contact Crimp£69.72In stock
Receptacle Female contact CrimpTT07RT-22-35SA014Receptacle Female contact Crimp£89.22In stock
Receptacle Female contact CrimpTT07RT-22-35SN014Receptacle Female contact Crimp£89.22In stock
Receptacle  Male contact  CrimpTT07RT-24-35PA014Receptacle Male contact Crimp£82.78In stock
Knob for Korry switchTT155-107Knob for Korry switch£27.25In stock
Cable 13 core PVC insulation + sheathTTC10147Cable 13 core PVC insulation + sheath£8.63In stock
Cable 2 core PVC insulation + sheathTTC263Cable 2 core PVC insulation + sheath£0.62In stock
Plug Male contact CrimpTTG06RE-10-98PN386Plug Male contact Crimp£40.66In stock
Plug Female contact CrimpTTG06RT-08-35SN014Plug Female contact Crimp£28.12In stock
Plug Male contact CrimpTTG06RT-10-35SA023Plug Male contact Crimp£30.47In stock
Plug Female contact CrimpTTG06RT-12-35SN023Plug Female contact Crimp£38.26In stock
Plug Female contact CrimpTTG06RT-14-05SN023Plug Female contact Crimp£32.17In stock
Plug Male contact CrimpTTG06RT-14-35PN014Plug Male contact Crimp£40.71In stock
Plug Female contact CrimpTTG06RT-16-35SBT69Plug Female contact Crimp£60.15In stock
Plug Female contact CrimpTTG06RT-18-35SN014Plug Female contact Crimp£73.53In stock
Torque wrench for M12TTM1Torque wrench for M12£0.00In stock
Receptacle Male contact CrimpTTP02RE-10-35PA023Receptacle Male contact Crimp£34.72In stock
Receptacle Male contact CrimpTTP02RE-10-35PN014Receptacle Male contact Crimp£0.00In stock
Receptacle Male contact CrimpTTP02RE-10-35PN023Receptacle Male contact Crimp£34.72In stock
Receptacle Female contact CrimpTTP02RE-10-35SN023Receptacle Female contact Crimp£0.00In stock
Receptacle Female contact CrimpTTP03RE-18-35SA014Receptacle Female contact Crimp£0.00In stock

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