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Our sensors range from gear speed, direction and rotary position sensors to liquid level sensors, pressure sensors and hall effect sensors. A range of proximity sensors is available that include magnetic, inductive, photoelectric, ultrasonic and laser sensing methods.

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Sensor Closed Loop CurrentCSNA111Sensor Closed Loop Current£22.55In stock
Sensor Closed Loop CurrentCSNA111-500Sensor Closed Loop Current£0.00In stock
Sensor Closed Loop CurrentCSNE151Sensor Closed Loop Current£24.81In stock
SensorCSNE151-005Sensor£24.81In stock
SensorCSNF161Sensor£23.90In stock
SensorCSNJ481Sensor£143.52In stock
SensorCSNK591Sensor£132.36In stock
Closed loop current sensor 50ACSNP661Closed loop current sensor 50A£24.81In stock
SensorCSNR161Sensor£27.85In stock
Closed loop current sensorCSNT651Closed loop current sensor£22.55In stock
SensorCSNZ-600Sensor£0.00In stock
Humidity SensorHIH-3602-L-CPHumidity Sensor£0.00In stock
Humidity Sensor. Leads 0.1" pitchHIH-4000-001Humidity Sensor. Leads 0.1" pitch£21.73In stock
Humidity SensorHIH-4000-002Humidity Sensor£21.73In stock
Humidity SensorHIH-4000-003Humidity Sensor£24.86In stock
Humidity SensorHIH-4000-004Humidity Sensor£25.33In stock
Humidity SensorHIH-4602-AHumidity Sensor£87.23In stock
Humidity SensorHIH-4602-CHumidity Sensor£66.71In stock
Humidity SensorHIH-4602-LHumidity Sensor£46.19In stock
Humidity SensorHIH3602CHumidity Sensor£0.00In stock
Humidity SensorHIH3605BHumidity Sensor£0.00In stock
Humidity SensorHIH3610-001Humidity Sensor£0.00In stock
Humidity SensorHIH3610-002Humidity Sensor£0.00In stock
Humidity SensorHIH3610-003Humidity Sensor£0.00In stock

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