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RFI Filters
The aim of EMC is to ensure the reliability and safety of all types of systems wherever they are used and exposed to electromagnetic environments. Aerco in partnership with Oxley, a leading specialist in effective suppression of electromagnetic interference offer a wide range of filtering solutions, both standard and custom made.

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RFI FILTER 10000pFD-10000RFI FILTER 10000pF£0.00Enquire
filter 100PFDBZ-100-REF1-SPfilter 100PF£0.0010
Filter Suppresion RFI C styleDBZ2-C10Filter Suppresion RFI C style£0.0010
Filter Suppresion RFI C styleDBZ2C2700Filter Suppresion RFI C style£0.00Enquire
 Panel mounted feedthrough capacitor 1ufDCT122P-01U0 Panel mounted feedthrough capacitor 1uf£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 1.2uF 15ADCT326PMRFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 1.2uF 15A£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Capacitor 100nF threadedDCT418N-100NRFI Filter Capacitor 100nF threaded£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Capacitor 22pF threadedDCT418N-P22P0RFI Filter Capacitor 22pF threaded£0.00Enquire
RFI FilterDCT428PRFI Filter£0.00Enquire
RFI FilterDCT428PMLPRFI Filter£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 0.1uF 15ADCT626P-F1RFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 0.1uF 15A£0.0015
panel mounted feed through capacitorDCT728P-Lpanel mounted feed through capacitor£0.00Enquire
panel mounted feed through capacitorDCT928PM-BUpanel mounted feed through capacitor£0.00Enquire
FIL RFI 2BA C 1000 pFDLT-1000-REF1FIL RFI 2BA C 1000 pF£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mountedDLT-418N-100NRFI Filter L circuit Panel mounted£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nFDLT2-C-1200NRFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nF£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nFDLT2-L-1200NRFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nF£0.00114
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nFDLT2-L-1200N-LPRFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nF£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mounted 15AmpDLT326PM-PRFI Filter L circuit Panel mounted 15Amp£0.00175
RFI Filter C circuit 1000pF 10Adc SilverDLT4-C-1000-XHRFI Filter C circuit 1000pF 10Adc Silver£0.0077
filter 22000pf silver plated terminalDLT4-C-22000filter 22000pf silver plated terminal£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter C circuit 22000pF 10AdcDLT4-C-22000-XH-BARFI Filter C circuit 22000pF 10Adc£0.003

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