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Aerco offer a range of EMI products from Oxley, the leading specialists in the effective suppression of electromagnetic interference through standard and advanced filtering solutions - including Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) -

Oxley’s product range includes:

  • EMI filters - both discrete and multiline
  • Ceramic planar capacitor arrays
  • Arrays of discrete filters
  • Custom filter modules
  • Filtering of Mil standard connectors
  • Threaded, solder, press fit and surface mount styles
  • C, L, LC, CL, T, Pi, 2T and 2Pi variants.

All products are tested to the most rigorous standards, with on-site high voltage and DC and AC burn-in facilities

Product Listing

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 Part No.ProductPriceStock  
RFI FILTER 10000pFD-10000RFI FILTER 10000pF£8.37Enquire
filter 100PFDBZ-100-REF1-SPfilter 100PF£10.8095
Filter Suppresion RFI C styleDBZ2-C10Filter Suppresion RFI C style£10.8010
Filter Suppresion RFI C styleDBZ2C2700Filter Suppresion RFI C style£0.00Enquire
 Panel mounted feedthrough capacitor 1ufDCT122P-01U0 Panel mounted feedthrough capacitor 1uf£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 1.2uF 15ADCT326PMRFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 1.2uF 15A£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Capacitor 100nF threadedDCT418N-100NRFI Filter Capacitor 100nF threaded£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Capacitor 22pF threadedDCT418N-P22P0RFI Filter Capacitor 22pF threaded£0.00Enquire
RFI FilterDCT428PRFI Filter£0.00Enquire
RFI FilterDCT428PMLPRFI Filter£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 0.1uF 15ADCT626P-F1RFI Filter Panel Mtg.Capacitor 0.1uF 15A£0.0015
panel mounted feed through capacitorDCT728P-Lpanel mounted feed through capacitor£0.00Enquire
panel mounted feed through capacitorDCT928PM-BUpanel mounted feed through capacitor£46.44Enquire
FIL RFI 2BA C 1000 pFDLT-1000-REF1FIL RFI 2BA C 1000 pF£0.0049
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mountedDLT-418N-100NRFI Filter L circuit Panel mounted£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nFDLT2-C-1200NRFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nF£0.00Enquire
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nFDLT2-L-1200NRFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nF£31.32153
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nFDLT2-L-1200N-LPRFI Filter L circuit Panel mtg. 1200nF£31.32135
RFI Filter L circuit Panel mounted 15AmpDLT326PM-PRFI Filter L circuit Panel mounted 15Amp£0.00175
RFI Filter C circuit 1000pF 10Adc SilverDLT4-C-1000-XHRFI Filter C circuit 1000pF 10Adc Silver£13.2377
filter 22000pf silver plated terminalDLT4-C-22000filter 22000pf silver plated terminal£13.23Enquire
RFI Filter C circuit 22000pF 10AdcDLT4-C-22000-XH-BARFI Filter C circuit 22000pF 10Adc£13.233

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