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T Commercial Series
CRYSTAL CAN RELAY 10 AMPERE DC or AC COIL Series T Product Description The economical approach to high current switching in a relay design for commercial and military applications. Through unique design innovations, this device incorporates an optimized magnetic structure and massive contact switching paths in less than 0.65 cubic inches. With proven switching characteristics of 10 amperes in excess of 100.000 operations under all environments, it performs in a wide variety of switching applications. The following construction features ensure the highest reliability in extreme environments: • All welded relay construction • Cleaning and sealing techniques ensures maximum internal cleanliness • 10 amperes switching • 2 form C, DPDT contacts, special metal alloy with gold plating Series Types • 2T Basic Relay, 2 form C, DPDT • 2T..E Basic Relay with internal voltage suppressor •2TR Basic Relay combined with internal bridge diode, for AC operation

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Relay 24V 1250ohm DPDT 2ACECC16101-007-29-06-02Relay 24V 1250ohm DPDT 2A£0.001
Relay 24volt 1250ohm DPDT 2ampCECC16101-007-29-14-02Relay 24volt 1250ohm DPDT 2amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 5volt 40ohm DPDT 2ampCECC16101-007-31-01-12Relay 5volt 40ohm DPDT 2amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 20 700ohm DPDT 2ACECC16101-007-32-01-02Relay 20 700ohm DPDT 2A£0.00Enquire
Relay 20volt 700ohm DPDT 2ampCECC16101-007-32-01-05Relay 20volt 700ohm DPDT 2amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 20volt 700ohm DPDT 2ampCECC16101-007-32-04-01Relay 20volt 700ohm DPDT 2amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 12volt 200ohm DPDT 3ampCECC16101-008-08-03-02Relay 12volt 200ohm DPDT 3amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 24volt 675ohm DPDT 3ampCECC16101-008-09-05-02Relay 24volt 675ohm DPDT 3amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 24V 675ohm DPDT 3A 2B6660-001CECC16101-008-09-16-02Relay 24V 675ohm DPDT 3A 2B6660-001£0.00Enquire
Relay 24volt 675ohm DPDT 3ampCECC16101-008-09-16-12Relay 24volt 675ohm DPDT 3amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 26.5V 675ohm DPDT 3amp 2B-6660CECC16101-008-10-07-01Relay 26.5V 675ohm DPDT 3amp 2B-6660£0.00Enquire
Relay 12volt DPDT 2ampCECC16101-014-13-01-02Relay 12volt DPDT 2amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 12volt DPDT 2ampCECC16101-014-13-14-01Relay 12volt DPDT 2amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 28volt 32ohm 2amp DPDT 2K-6600-201CECC16101-014-20-01-02Relay 28volt 32ohm 2amp DPDT 2K-6600-201£0.00Enquire
Relay 28volt 935ohm 2PDT 2ampCECC16101-014-21-01-02Relay 28volt 935ohm 2PDT 2amp£0.005
Relay 28volt 935ohm 2PDT 2amp Tin LeadCECC16101-014-21-01-02-TLRelay 28volt 935ohm 2PDT 2amp Tin Lead£27.8925
Relay 6volt 40ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600CECC16101-021-01-01-01-12Relay 6volt 40ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600£0.00Enquire
Relay 6volt 60ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600CECC16101-021-01-03-03-11Relay 6volt 60ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600£0.00Enquire
Relay 6volt 60ohm DPDT 2amp tin/lead plCECC16101-021-01-03-03-11-TLRelay 6volt 60ohm DPDT 2amp tin/lead pl£0.00Enquire
Relay 12V 320ohm DPDT 2ACECC16101-021-01-06-01-12Relay 12V 320ohm DPDT 2A£0.00Enquire
Relay 2Vt 1250ohm DPDT 2A 2K-6600CECC16101-021-01-09-01-12Relay 2Vt 1250ohm DPDT 2A 2K-6600£0.00Enquire
Relay 24volt 1250ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600CECC16101-021-01-09-05-11Relay 24volt 1250ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600£0.00Enquire
Relay 24volt 1250ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600CECC16101-021-01-09-05-12Relay 24volt 1250ohm DPDT 2amp 2K-6600£0.00Enquire

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