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KA Commercial Series
HALF SIZE CRYSTAL CAN RELAY 2 AMPERE SENSITIVE Series KA Product Description Innovation and versatility of design has allowed Hi-G Italia to achieve this improved sensitivity of our basic military qualified product. The product reflects an improved magnetic circuit powering our standard contact structure to levels of 2 amperes. The internal structures reflect and conform to the latest military specifications and are supported by a continuing qualification program. Product performance, reliability and sensitivity are reflected in this unique device and provide the design engineer with a tool for improved circuit design. The following construction features ensure the highest reliability in extreme environments: • All welded relay construction • Cleaning and sealing techniques ensures maximum internal cleanliness • Low level to 2 amperes switching • 2 form C, DPDT contacts, special metal alloy with gold plating • Frame, armature designs and force / mass ratio provides exceptional immunity to shock and vibration. Series Type •2KA 2 form C, DPDT
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