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I MA Military Series
Hi-G military relays are ultra miniature hermetically sealed relays constructed in a transistor style case, providing superior performance and established reliability characteristics. The series is available in a variety of sensitive contact configurations and hybrid improvements, to provide a most versatile element the circuit designer. Low intercontact capacitance and contact circuit losses provide a reliable switching function in demanding RF applications, combined with small size and low coil power dissipation. Series Types: • IMA - Basic Relay, 2 form C, DPDT arrangement. • IMA-D - Basic Relay combined with an internal diode for coil transient suppression. • IMA-DD - Basic Relay incorporates 2 internal diodes for coil transient suppression and polarity reversal protection. • IMA-T - Basic Relay incorporating an internal transistor driver and diode for coil transient suppression.

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