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CECC/Mil-Spec/Part No/Cross Reference Table
Compliant to MIL Series Enclosure Contacts Arrangement Nominal Input Voltage or Current Applicable Specification and Approvals CSS-5-1 SPST 4…7 Vdc MIL-R-28750/5 CSS-6-1 SPST 4…7 Vdc MIL-R-28750/6 CSS-7-1 SPST 4…7 Vdc MIL-R-28750/7 CSS-8-1 SPST 3…16 Vdc MIL-R-28750/8 CSS-682-1 SPST 3,8…32 Vdc CECC / Mil-Spec / Part No / Cross Reference Table CECC16101-003 M39016/6 IMA CECC16101-004 M39016/11 IMS CECC16101-005 M39016/7 IMA CECC16101-006 M39016/10 IMS CECC16101-007 M39016/6 12K CECC16207-007 M39016/18 IMG CECC16207-008 M39016/17 IMG CECC16207-801 M39016/19 IMG CECC16101-014 M39016/6 IMA

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