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BA Commercial Series
FULL SIZE CRYSTAL CAN RELAY SENSITIVE 100 MILLIWATT Series BA Product Description This ultra sensitive full size crystal can relay series offers switching capability of low level signals up to 2 amperes under the most extreme environmental conditions. It is low coil sensitivity and high contact current carrying capacity makes these relays ideal for a variety of applications. In a unique design, motor efficiency and the proven contact structure of qualified relays, offers sensitivities from 100 milliwatts with low level switching up to 2 amperes, low profile, proven designs and wide selection of coil values to provide the designer with a consistent high quality product for today’s and tomorrow design. The following construction features ensure the highest reliability in extreme environments: • All welded relay construction • Cleaning and sealing techniques ensure maximum internal cleanliness • Low level up to 2 amperes switching • 2 form C, DPDT contacts, special metal alloy with gold plating Series Type •2BA 2 form C, DPDT
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