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Barnbrook Deutsch HDS8 Series Relays
HDS8 series from Barnbrook are hermetically sealed relays with a 3A or 5A option. The high efficiency, high torque motor unit provides greater contact forces for reliable switching.

Aerco stocks matching bases for all Barnbrook Relays.

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Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8A-E2-L11Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8A-F2-L03Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3amp£567.88Enquire
Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8A-F2-L07Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8A-F3-J03Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5amp£567.88Enquire
Relay 48volt 2450ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8A-G2-L01Relay 48volt 2450ohm DPDT 3amp£567.8811
Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8H-E2-L03Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3amp£567.882
Relay 12volt 120ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8H-E3-J14Relay 12volt 120ohm DPDT 5amp£0.001
Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8H-F2-L03Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3amp£567.8812
Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8H-F2-L07Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3amp£567.88Enquire
Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8H-F2-L13Relay 26.5volt 675ohm DPDT 3amp£0.00Enquire
Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8H-F3-J02Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5amp£567.885
Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8H-F3-J03Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5amp£567.882
Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8H-F3-J07Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5amp£567.883
Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8H-F3-J110Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5amp£567.88Enquire
Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8H-F3-J12Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5amp£567.881
Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8H-F3-J14Relay 24volt 600ohm DPDT 5amp£0.001
Relay 32volt 975ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8H-J2-L02Relay 32volt 975ohm DPDT 3amp£567.88Enquire
Relay 32volt 975ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8H-J2-L12Relay 32volt 975ohm DPDT 3amp£567.884
Relay 32volt 975ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8H-J2-L15Relay 32volt 975ohm DPDT 3amp£567.883
Relay 6volt 35ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8S-C2-L06Relay 6volt 35ohm DPDT 3amp£567.889
Relay 6volt 30ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8S-C3-J01Relay 6volt 30ohm DPDT 5amp£567.88Enquire
Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8S-E2-L02Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3amp£567.881
Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3ampHDS8S-E2-L03Relay 13volt 200ohm DPDT 3amp£567.8821
Relay 12volt 120ohm DPDT 5ampHDS8S-E3-J01Relay 12volt 120ohm DPDT 5amp£567.88Enquire

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