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Barnbrook Relays (Formerly Deutsch Relays)

A range of hermetically sealed relays and bases for the military and aerospace markets previously manufactured by Deutsch but now manufactured under the design authority of Barnbrook Systems Limited.

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Base (Relay)1008Base (Relay)£0.00In stock
Base (Relay)1008-1Base (Relay)£0.00In stock
Stud14171Stud£14.47In stock
Stud14188Stud£13.78In stock
Contact18037Contact£12.53In stock
Stud (socket mounting) RR0180470018047Stud (socket mounting) RR01804700£12.12In stock
Seal - (For relay base 18046)18049Seal - (For relay base 18046)£7.13In stock
Relay Base19773Relay Base£0.00In stock
Base (Relay) 10 way Crimped19775Base (Relay) 10 way Crimped£0.00Discontinued
Relay Base (stud)19776Relay Base (stud)£9.53In stock
Contact Wire 16-18-20 AWG  607-1977819778Contact Wire 16-18-20 AWG 607-19778£14.69In stock
Contact  Wire sizes 22-24-26 AWG19779Contact Wire sizes 22-24-26 AWG£0.00In stock
Seal  RR0198140119814-1Seal RR01981401£0.00In stock
Seal                           (Group C)19814-2Seal (Group C)£0.00In stock
Base (Relay) 14 way Crimped contacts418538Base (Relay) 14 way Crimped contacts£171.07In stock
Contact (Socket) assembly418540Contact (Socket) assembly£8.00In stock
Base (Relay) 14 way Crimped contacts418665Base (Relay) 14 way Crimped contacts£176.62In stock
Base (Relay) 14 way Soldered contacts418703Base (Relay) 14 way Soldered contacts£195.47In stock
Base (Relay) 14 way Soldered contacts418703-1Base (Relay) 14 way Soldered contacts£210.80In stock
Screw Socket assembly418818Screw Socket assembly£24.32In stock
Contact Socket Assembly419065Contact Socket Assembly£8.00In stock
Base (Relay) 10 way Soldered contacts419911Base (Relay) 10 way Soldered contacts£153.50In stock

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