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PCB Interconnect
Aerco offer a wide range of surface mount and through-hole interconnection products off-the-shelf for use in specialist electronic applications.

The density and complexity of PCB and system interconnection is ever increasing, but with products from Oxley and Cambion the solution is never far away.

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barb cone lock white silver plated156-P-WE-SPbarb cone lock white silver plated£0.0028
Terminal insul'd Barb cone White Silver156-S0-10P-WE-SPTerminal insul'd Barb cone White Silver£0.00Enquire
Terminal insulated Barb Cone Lock White156-S0-AT-WE-SPTerminal insulated Barb Cone Lock White£0.0050
barb cone lock white silver plated156-S0-LP-WE-SPbarb cone lock white silver plated£0.0057
barb cone lock brown silver plated156-S0-P-BN-SPbarb cone lock brown silver plated£0.0010
Terminal insul'd Barb Cone White Silver156-S0-P-WE-SPTerminal insul'd Barb Cone White Silver£0.00Enquire
Terminal ins.Barb cone lock White Silver187-S0-WE-SPTerminal ins.Barb cone lock White Silver£0.00Enquire
barb cone lock white silver plated250-WE-SPbarb cone lock white silver plated£0.00Enquire
JACK PLUG red palladium plated30P-093-RD-PAJACK PLUG red palladium plated£0.0010
JACK PLUG white palladium plated30P-093-WE-PAJACK PLUG white palladium plated£0.0020
JACK SOCKET red silver plated30S-093-V-RD-SPJACK SOCKET red silver plated£0.00Enquire
JACK SOCKET white silver plated30S-093-V-WE-SPJACK SOCKET white silver plated£0.00Enquire
JACK SOCKET blue silver plated40S-156-V-BE-SPJACK SOCKET blue silver plated£0.00Enquire
JACK SOCKET white Tin Lead40S-156-WE-TLJACK SOCKET white Tin Lead£0.00Enquire
Anvil for series 160-2080435-6404-01-00-00Anvil for series 160-2080£0.00Enquire
Anvil for series 160-1457435-6446-01-00-00Anvil for series 160-1457£0.00Enquire
Flare punch series 160-1026 & 160-2080435-6663-01-00-00Flare punch series 160-1026 & 160-2080£0.00Enquire
Connector Assy Gold plated Black/Red444-1514-18-03-02Connector Assy Gold plated Black/Red£0.00Enquire
Connector Cable assembly 4way444-1515-18-03-01Connector Cable assembly 4way£0.00160
cage jack gold plated450-0028-01-03-00cage jack gold plated£0.001539
Cage Jack gold plated450-3327-01-03-00Cage Jack gold plated£0.00Enquire
Connector jack solder mount socket450-3722-01-04-00Connector jack solder mount socket£0.002000

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