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Aerco stocks a vast range of LED Lighting products, and lamps from world-class manufactures that include, Oxley, GE, CML, and Marl.

Oxley is a world renowned innovator in the design and manufacture of LED lighting systems for military and aerospace applications.

In addition we hold a range of lamps from other manufacturers which includes over 800 types of filament lamps for aviation applications (28V), the automotive industry (12 and 24V) and defence standard lamps for the military NATO applications.

Lighting products used in the medical, rail, aircraft and automotive industries include LEDs, incandescent, halogen, neon, projector, sealed beam, cold cathode, festoons and fluorescent types.

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Lens Filter80-10-1147-BLACK-REDLens Filter£0.00Enquire
Lens Filter80-10-1147-GREY-CLEARLens Filter£0.00154
Lens Filter80-10-1147-GREY-REDLens Filter£0.00323
Cap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass80-10-1297-BLUECap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass£0.00Enquire
Cap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass80-10-1297-GREENCap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass£0.00Enquire
Cap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass80-10-1297-REDCap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass£0.00Enquire
Cap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass80-10-1297-YELLOWCap Indicator T1.3/4 Glass£0.00Enquire
Lampholder and Cap T1.3/480-10-1457-CLEARLampholder and Cap T1.3/4£0.00Enquire
Lampholder and Cap T1.3/480-10-1457-ORANGELampholder and Cap T1.3/4£0.00Enquire
Lampholder and Cap T1.3/480-10-1457-REDLampholder and Cap T1.3/4£0.00Enquire
Filter Cap (with transparent cap) Green80-10-1521Filter Cap (with transparent cap) Green£0.00Enquire
Filter Cap (with transparent cap) Red80-10-1521-REDFilter Cap (with transparent cap) Red£0.00Enquire
Cap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/480-10-1560-BLUECap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/4£186.34Enquire
Cap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/480-10-1560-CLEARCap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/4£186.3440
Cap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/480-10-1560-FROSTED-CLRCap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/4£186.3465
Cap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/480-10-1560-GREENCap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/4£186.3440
Cap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/480-10-1560-ORANGECap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/4£186.3414
Cap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/480-10-1560-REDCap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/4£186.3417
Cap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/480-10-1560-YELLOWCap Indicator Glass Size T1.3/4£186.3429
Fuselage light80-10-1914Fuselage light£0.00Enquire
Indicator Cap Glass size T1.3/480-10-1986Indicator Cap Glass size T1.3/4£0.0080
Lampholder / Indicator Assy. T1.3/480-10-1987Lampholder / Indicator Assy. T1.3/4£0.00Enquire
Lampholder Assembly80-10-1999-BLACK-CLEARLampholder Assembly£0.00Enquire
Lampholder Assembly80-10-1999-BLACK-REDLampholder Assembly£0.00Enquire

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