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Obstruction Lights
Aerco are the authorised UK distributor of FAA certified Dialight BTI aviation obstruction lights. The leading manufacturer of LED lighting continues to innovate light output, efficacy, and reliability in their complete line of obstruction lighting fixtures. The red or white LED obstruction lights are designed to comply with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) recommendations, primarily to highlight the presence of a tall structures and obstacles to aircraft. Dialight BTI’s product portfolio offer low, medium and high intensity lights specifically designed for industrial, hazardous, transportation and infrastructure applications. Legislation in the UK is stipulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and subject to additional requirements by local planning offices.

To meet specific requirements, Aerco can work with you to provide a complete customised system. solution.

Typical applications include; telecommunication and broadcast masts, chimneys, bridges, cranes, marine, utilities, wind turbines, wire crossings, tall buildings and structures and aviation obstruction areas.

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