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Some of the worlds leading fan manufacturers use Aerco to distribute AC and DC fans in the UK.

In addition to the standard axial and centrifugal design fans, many other airflow designs are used to meet customer applications. Various fans and fan accessories, that include backward curve motorised impellers, frameless fans, tangential cross flow blowers, flat blowers, chip coolers, CPU coolers, and combined heat pipes and fan assemblies are available in the UK from Aerco.

Bearings have improved to meet the demands of less noise and higher performance. In addition to conventional ball and sleeve bearing fans, most manufacturers now offer different types of bearings such as the Hypro bearings from ADDA or NMB miniature precision bearings. A combination of ball and sleeve bearings in the same fan assembly is also used. These systems provide long life without having to use expensive ball bearings that are often the costliest component in a fan.

DC fans are now supplied with various degrees of ‘intelligence’ including fan failure and speed alarms, thermister based temperature control and pulse width modulated (PWM) control.

Frame and impeller designs have improved significantly over recent years and several types of impeller are now in common use such as sickle blade, paddle blade and static outlet blade fans.

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RADIAL BLOWER  280X129mm, 24DC BALLF280A4-113-D0510RADIAL BLOWER 280X129mm, 24DC BALL£0.00Enquire
Fan 38x38x28mm 12V DC High SpeedFFB03812VHNFan 38x38x28mm 12V DC High Speed£11.73Enquire
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC High SpeedFFB0412HHNFan 40x40x28mm 12V DC High Speed£9.26192
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+Tacho SignalFFB0412HHN-F00Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+Tacho Signal£9.41185
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball - High SpeedFFB0412SHNFan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball - High Speed£9.99976
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+Tacho SignalFFB0412SHN-F00Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+Tacho Signal£13.4385
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC High SpeedFFB0412VHNFan 40x40x28mm 12V DC High Speed£11.57Enquire
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+ Tacho SignalFFB0412VHN-BF00Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+ Tacho Signal£11.88Enquire
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+Tacho SignalFFB0412VHN-F00Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball+Tacho Signal£11.7364
Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball Customer SpecFFB0412VHN-T8L2-REV02Fan 40x40x28mm 12V DC Ball Customer Spec£0.00Enquire
Fan 40x40x28mm 24V DC Ball+Tacho SignalFFB0424HN-F00Fan 40x40x28mm 24V DC Ball+Tacho Signal£0.00200
Fan 40x40x28mm 24V DC BallFFB0424VHNFan 40x40x28mm 24V DC Ball£0.00Enquire
Fan 40x40x28mm 24V DC Ball+Tacho SignalFFB0424VHN-F00Fan 40x40x28mm 24V DC Ball+Tacho Signal£9.41Enquire
Fan 40x40x28mm 24V DC Ball IP55FFB0424VHN-TZTHFan 40x40x28mm 24V DC Ball IP55£0.00Enquire
Fan 60x60x38 12V BallFFB0612EHEFan 60x60x38 12V Ball£12.65Enquire
Fan 60x60x38 12V Ball + TachoFFB0612EHE-F00Fan 60x60x38 12V Ball + Tacho£10.9615
Fan 60x60x38-12V.Ball+Tacho+C+65mmleadFFB0612EHE-F00-C-V1Fan 60x60x38-12V.Ball+Tacho+C+65mmlead£14.66Enquire
Fan 60x60x38-12V.Ball+Tacho+C+165mmleadFFB0612EHE-F00-C-V2Fan 60x60x38-12V.Ball+Tacho+C+165mmlead£14.66Enquire
Fan 60x60x38 12V Ball + TachoFFB0612GHE-F00Fan 60x60x38 12V Ball + Tacho£10.9688
Fan 60x60x38 12V BallFFB0612SHEFan 60x60x38 12V Ball£10.8065
Fan 60x60x38 12V Ball + TachoFFB0612VHE-F00Fan 60x60x38 12V Ball + Tacho£10.96Enquire
Fan 60x60x38mm 24 voltFFB0624SHEFan 60x60x38mm 24 volt£10.80Enquire
Fan 60x60x38mm 24 voltFFB0624VHEFan 60x60x38mm 24 volt£10.80Enquire
Fan 80x80x38mm 12V BallFFB0812EHEFan 80x80x38mm 12V Ball£12.8196

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