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DC Fans
DC Powered fans from leading worldwide manufacturers

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Fan 80x80x38mm 48V BallFFB0848VHEFan 80x80x38mm 48V Ball£15.12Enquire
Fan 92x92x38mm 12V BallFFB0912HHEFan 92x92x38mm 12V Ball£10.80167
Fan 92x92x25mm 12V Ball+ Tacho SignalFFB0912SH-F00Fan 92x92x25mm 12V Ball+ Tacho Signal£10.96Enquire
Fan 92x92x38mm 24V BallFFB0924EHEFan 92x92x38mm 24V Ball£11.424
Fan 92x92x38mm 24V BallFFB0924SHEFan 92x92x38mm 24V Ball£11.42Enquire
Fan 92x92x38mm 24Vdc BallFFB0924VHEFan 92x92x38mm 24Vdc Ball£11.42Enquire
Fan 92x92x38mm 24Vdc Ball + ConnectorFFB0924VHE-CFan 92x92x38mm 24Vdc Ball + Connector£15.12Enquire
Fan 92x92x25mm 48V Ball+ Tacho SignalFFB0948VH-F00Fan 92x92x25mm 48V Ball+ Tacho Signal£0.00Enquire
Fan 120x120x38mm 12V BallFFB1212EHEFan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball£21.60868
Fan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball + TachoFFB1212EHE-F00Fan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball + Tacho£21.7629
Fan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball + PWMFFB1212EHE-PWMFan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball + PWM£22.38Enquire
Fan 120x120x25.4mm 12V BallFFB1212HHFan 120x120x25.4mm 12V Ball£21.30Enquire
Fan 120x120x25mm 12V Ball+ Tacho SignalFFB1212HH-F00Fan 120x120x25mm 12V Ball+ Tacho Signal£21.4522
Fan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball + TachoFFB1212SH-F00Fan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball + Tacho£21.45Enquire
Fan 120x120x38mm 12V BallFFB1212VHEFan 120x120x38mm 12V Ball£12.35Enquire
Fan 120x120x25.4 mm 24V BallFFB1224EHFan 120x120x25.4 mm 24V Ball£22.5339
Fan 120x120x38mm 24V BallFFB1224EHEFan 120x120x38mm 24V Ball£22.846
Fan 120x120x38mm 24V Ball 500mm LeadsFFB1224EHE-5Q29Fan 120x120x38mm 24V Ball 500mm Leads£23.07472
Fan 120x120x38mm 24V Ball + TachoFFB1224EHE-F00Fan 120x120x38mm 24V Ball + Tacho£22.9946
Fan 140 x 140 x50.8mm 24V BallFFB1424HHGFan 140 x 140 x50.8mm 24V Ball£48.61Enquire
Fan 140 x 140 x50.8mm 24V BallFFB1424VHGFan 140 x 140 x50.8mm 24V Ball£0.00Enquire
Fan 92x92x38mm 12V Ball- Tacho + PWMFFC0912DE-SP00Fan 92x92x38mm 12V Ball- Tacho + PWM£12.60173
FAN 172x50.8mm 48V BALL + TACHOFHB1748HHG-F00FAN 172x50.8mm 48V BALL + TACHO£81.02Enquire
FAN 172x50.8mm 48V - with Tacho + IP54FHB1748HHG-T50FFAN 172x50.8mm 48V - with Tacho + IP54£92.594

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