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NMB’s DC Axial Fans range in size from 25mm to 200mm. DC fans include a new line of cooling fans for refrigeration applications as well as the new line of IP69K extreme environment cooling fans, the highest IP rating offered from any cooling fan manufactures, as well as both ball bearing and sleeve bearing fans.

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Fan, Axial  172X50mm, 24DC BALL17250VA-24R-EA-00Fan, Axial 172X50mm, 24DC BALL£0.00Enquire
Fan, Axial  172X50mm, 48DC BALL17250VA-48M-EA-00Fan, Axial 172X50mm, 48DC BALL£0.00Enquire
Fan, Axial  172X50mm, 48DC BALL17250VA-48N-EA-00Fan, Axial 172X50mm, 48DC BALL£0.00Enquire
Fan, Axial  172X50mm, 48DC BALL17250VA-48P-EA-00Fan, Axial 172X50mm, 48DC BALL£0.00Enquire
Fan, Axial  172X50mm, 48DC BALL17250VA-48Q-EA-00Fan, Axial 172X50mm, 48DC BALL£0.00Enquire
Fan, Axial  172X50mm, 48DC BALL17250VA-48R-EA-00Fan, Axial 172X50mm, 48DC BALL£0.00Enquire
175dia x72mm, 24VDC Radial Blower175R072D0531A01175dia x72mm, 24VDC Radial Blower£27.73Enquire
175dia x72mm, 48VDC motorized impeller175R072D0731A02175dia x72mm, 48VDC motorized impeller£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 05010KA-05L-AA-002004KL-01W-B30-B00Superceded, see 05010KA-05L-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 05010KA-05M-AA-002004KL-01W-B40-B00Superceded, see 05010KA-05M-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 05010KA-05N-AA-002004KL-01W-B50-B00Superceded, see 05010KA-05N-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 05010KA-12L-AA-002004KL-04W-B30-B00Superceded, see 05010KA-12L-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 05010KA-12M-AA-002004KL-04W-B40-B00Superceded, see 05010KA-12M-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 05010KA-12N-AA-002004KL-04W-B50-B00Superceded, see 05010KA-12N-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Fan, Axial  60x60x10mm, 12DC BALL2404KL-04W-350-B00Fan, Axial 60x60x10mm, 12DC BALL£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06010KA-12L-AA-002404KL-04W-B30-B00Superceded, see 06010KA-12L-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06010KA-12M-AA-002404KL-04W-B40-B00Superceded, see 06010KA-12M-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Fan Axial 60x60x10 12DC Ball2404KL-04W-B50-B00Fan Axial 60x60x10 12DC Ball£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06015SS-12L-AA-002406GL-04W-B30-X00Superceded, see 06015SS-12L-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06015SS-12M-AA-002406GL-04W-B40-X00Superceded, see 06015SS-12M-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06015SS-12N-AA-002406GL-04W-B50-X00Superceded, see 06015SS-12N-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06015KA-12L-AA-002406KL-04W-B30-B00Superceded, see 06015KA-12L-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06015KA-12M-AA-002406KL-04W-B40-B00Superceded, see 06015KA-12M-AA-00£0.00Enquire
Superceded, see 06015KA-12N-AA-002406KL-04W-B50-B00Superceded, see 06015KA-12N-AA-00£0.00Enquire

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